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Aircraft Design

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The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


Presentations from READ/EWADE 2020

and Open Access Papers

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Find here only the presentations and papers with selected aircraft design related topics from READ/EWADE 2020.

The presentations have been published and archived with a DOI at EWADE's Community on the ZENODO Repository of the EU.

Find here only the seven selected presentations from 2020 published by EWADE on Zenodo.


Presentations and Papers

(presenting author underlined)
Title READ/EWADE Presentation / DOI Size Paper/PrePrint Size
Dieter Scholz Understanding the Aircraft Mass Growth and Reduction Factor *.pdf
1.4M --- ---
Anatolii Kretov Sensitivity Factors of Aircraft Mass for the Conceptual Design *.pdf
2.5M PrePrint:
Closed Access: https://doi.org/10.1108/AEAT-11-2020-0256
Dieter Scholz The Continuous Special Issue "Aircraft Design" of the Open Access Journal "Aerospace" at MDPI *.pdf
1.0M --- ---
Aidan Jungo, Vivien Riolo, Jan B. Vos Using Surrogate Models to Speed up the Creation of Aerodynamic Databases in CEASIOMpy *.pdf
2.7M *.pdf
Natalia Krawczyk Analysis of Thermal Comfort on Planes *.pdf
757K --- ---
Rafal Topolewski Leading Edge Distributed and Non-Distributed Electric Propulsion Comparison on a Moving Vessel Deck *.pdf
2.5M --- ---
Grzegorz Muchla and the SAE Aero Design Team, Warsaw University of Technology SAE Aero Design Competition *.pdf
1.7M --- ---
Sebastian Topczewski, Marcin Zugaj, Przemyslaw Bibik Impact of Actuators Backlash on the Helicopter Control during Landing on the Moving Vessel Deck --- --- *.pdf
Mariusz Kowalski, Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj, Bartlomiej Goliszek The Use of FEA and Semi-Empirical Equations for Weight Estimation of a Passenger Aircraft --- --- *.pdf


Copyright and Public License

© The presentations are protected by copyright

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology (AEAT) The presentations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY)


Journal AEAT

Furthermore 13 presentations were converted to journal papers and were published at Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology (AEAT) in the Special Issue: Research & Education in Aircraft Design (READ/EWADE Symposium) in Vol. 93 (2021), Iss. 9. Unfortunately, only two of the papers are available Open Access. They are included in the table above.

The Guest Editorial was written by Prof. Dr. Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski. The editorial also gives a summary of the workshop. See the abridged version of the editorial on this site.


READ's Proceedings

More papers and the abstracts from READ/EWADE2020 can be found on READ's page, which is archived here.


Archiving Strategy

Zenodo We have an EWADE Archiving Strategy! Starting with EWADE 2013, documents are stored in PDF/A and archived in Zenodo. Zenodo is a repository made available by the European Union. With PDF/A and Zenodo documents should be available, discoverable, and reproducible for the next decades (or even centuries):

Available (stored): Long term archiving is done via Zenodo by the European research center CERN. Data is stored in CERN's Data Center. Both data files and metadata are kept in multiple online replicas and are backed up to tape every night. (See FAQ).

DOI DataCite Discoverable (citable): The internationally known Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is used. The DOI is a code (example: 10.5281/zenodo.18916) and a respective persistent link (example: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.18921). With help of this adaptable link the storage location of the document will be found even if the storage location might change. In this case the DOI is from Zenodo. Zenodo is member of DataCite which registers the DOI for each upload and keeps the link from the DOI to the data at Zenodo.

PDF/A Reproducible (readable): Documents have to be stored in a sustainable format that allows the document to be read in years to come. Today this is by no means assured. On the contrary, it is feared that our decade will become known as the "Digital Dark Age". The solution is to use the PDF/A standard. The standard ensures documents can be reproduced using whatever available software in the future. A key requirement of PDF/A towards reproducibility is to have all the information necessary for proper display of the document embedded in the file, no encryption, and no password protection on the document.

Authors can find hints on how to produce PDF/A for EWADE on Information for Authors: Producing PDF/A.

This is the EWADE Community at Zenodo. The Community has also its EWADE About page.

Last update:  12 February 2022
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