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The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


11th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
(EWADE 2013)

Presentations from EWADE 2013 new



Logo Linköping University In 2011 at the end of the workshop in Naples a short discussion followed by an acclamation by hand showed strong support and consensus to go to Kazan, Russia in May/June 2013. In December 2012 it became clear that this plan could no longer be followed. Prof. Petter Krus from Linköping University offered the possibility to integrate EWADE 2013 into the CEAS European Air & Space Conference 2013 (http://www.CEAS2013.org).

For this reason EWADE took place from 17th to 19th of September 2013 in the congress center located right in the heart of the city of Linköping, Sweden.

The workshop was organized by

  • Prof. Dieter Scholz, Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO), Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, e-mail  info@ProfScholz.de in close cooperation with
  • Prof. Petter Krus, Head of the CEAS2013 Programme Committee and Head of the Division of Fluid and Mechatronic System, Linköping University and
  • Dr. Tomas Melin, CEAS 2013 Programme Secretary and Research Associate in the Division of Fluid and Mechatronic System, Linköping University
  • and of course the many people active in running the CEAS conference with coffee breaks, lunch, dinner, ...


Programme and Invitation

Day Time Activity
Tuesday 17 September 2013 09:30 - 11:30 EWADE 1
Presentations from EWADE Founders and Hosts
13:00 - 15:00 EWADE 2
Teaching and Research Activities in Aircraft Design
15:30 - 17:00 EWADE 3
Aircraft Design Studies
evening Gala Dinner
Wednesday 18 September 2013 10:30 - 12:30 EWADE 4
Collaboration, Methods and Tools
14:30 - 16:00 EWADE 5
EWADE Roundtable: Discussion about next EWADE and EWADE's role in CEAS
Thursday 19 September 2013 all day Technical Tours
There were 4 or 5 presentations scheduled for each session. See programme for details.

*.pdf Programme for EWADE 2013

There were 2 options for making a presentation: the "CEAS-Option" and the "EWADE-Option":

  • "CEAS-Option": Presentation with full paper. The papers were published "open access" in the CEAS2013 Proceedings in DiVA - Academic Archive Online (the Swedish digital archive for research and student theses with long-term preservation) as:

    MELIN, Tomas; KRUS, Petter; VINTERHAV, Emil; ÖVREBÖ, Knut: PROCEEDINGS of the 4th CEAS Conference in Linköping, 2013 (4th CEAS Air & Space Conference, 16. to 19.09.2013, Linköping, Sweden). ISBN 978-91-7519-519-3, URI: urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-99581.

    This is unfortunately one big PDF (1005 pages) with all papers, but the CEAS papers related to presentations in an EWADE session can be found as a single paper here at EWADE.

  • "EWADE-Option": Presentation without paper. Only the presentations are provided online as PDF.
Download flyers and read more details:
*.pdf E-Mail: Invitation EWADE 2013
*.pdf Leaflet: Invitation EWADE 2013

There was an EWADE registration option at CEAS for single days. To register for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) was sufficient if someone just wanted to go to EWADE. A single day registration included CEAS conference amenities such as coffee, lunch and access to other presentation tracks. A two day registration included also the gala dinner. The fee for two days was 4113 SEK (about 480 EUR) incl. VAT (25%) - instead of the regular CEAS fee of 7125 SEK.


Discussion about EWADE's Future

Background about fees for EWADE participants:

  1. 1 day participation: 1900 SKR (220 EUR). EWADE sessions only.
  2. 2 day participation: 4113 SKR (480 EUR). This now inlcudes conference dinner and technical tour.
  3. 3 day participation: 5700 SKR (670 EUR). This was 425 SKR (50 EUR) less than CEAS standard price.
map For the first time EWADE was co-located with another conference. At this EWADE participants had the possibility to go to parallel sessions and select the EWADE session or anther session from the CEAS conference. This enabled a choice between many different presentations, but limited the experience of EWADE as a meeting among friends. For this reason it was not even possible to track who on site was an EWADE participant. Accordingly the idea to make an "EWADE 2013 group picture" of participants was skipped. The financial structure made it necessary to ask participants to pay full or partial conference fees depending on the number of days participating. Also paying conference fees was a novum for EWADE and made it unfortunately impossible for several people to attend.

The discussion in EWADE Session 5 showed controversial views about EWADE's link to CEAS and its role in CEAS. There was however agreement that EWADE should be acting as the Education Section in the new CEAS Technical Committee on Aircraft Design (CEAS TCAD). EWADE being part of the CEAS TCAD would enhance its visibility. EWADE will continue to act independently based on a discussion at each EWADE. It will not take orders related to its activities from CEAS bodies.

A presentation (PDF, 2.5 MB) and invitation for 2015 by Dr. Gianfranco La Rocca from Delft University of Technology was well received. An acclamation by hand showed strong support and a general consensus to go to Delft, Netherlands for the 12th EWADE with the plan to convene in May/June 2015. This timing was later changed to enable co-location of EWADE with CEAS2015.


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