EWADE 2011
10th European Workshop on Aircraft
Design Education - Naples 2011
ISBN 978-88-906484-1-0

University of Naples "Federico II"
Faculty of Engineering

Dept. Aerospace Engineering

Proceedings of
10th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
24 - 27 May 2011, Naples, Italy

Editor: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, Universitā degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"

ISBN 978-88-906484-1-0

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University of Naples Federico II
Department of Aerospace Engineering

Alenia Aeronautica

Tecnam Costruzioni Aeronautiche

An Alenia Aeronautica and
EADS Joint Venture

Piaggio Aero Industries

Workshop presentations


Research and Technology in Aircraft Design. The role of Italian Industry

Greetings from representatives of institutions and introductory talks

prof. F. Nicolosi, EWADE 2011 Organizer

prof. P. Salatino, Dean of Engineering Faculty

prof. F. Marulo, Head of Department of Aerospace Engineering

prof. A. Moccia, Dean of Degree Course in Aerospace Engineering

prof. L. Lecce, Full Professor of Aerospace Structures

ing. L. Lombardi, ATR, Senior Vice President Operations

ing. C. Orsi, ATR, Vice President Engineering

dott. P. Pascale, Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM, Chief Executive Officer

ing. N. Cauceglia, Alenia Aeronautica, Chief Technical Officer

ing. A. Sollo, Piaggio Aero, Naples Site Director & Structure Design Manager

ing. A. Cozzolino, Piaggio Aero, Research & Preliminary Design Manager


WORKSHOP SESSION 1 (25 May 2011)

Anatoly Kretov, Kazan State University, Russia, 50 Years of the First Flight — A Man in Space — Phenomena of 12th April 1961

Dieter Scholz, Hamburg University, Germany, PreSTo  The Aircraft Preliminary Sizing Tool

Fabrizio Nicolosi, University of Naples "Federico II", Italy, Development of a Software for Aircraft Preliminary Design and Analysis

Arthur Rizzi, Royal Inst. KTH, Sweden, Using CEASIOM-SUMO Rapid-Meshing in Computational Study of Asymmetric Aircraft Design

Sven Ziemer, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Munchen, CDT, Presentation of an Open Source Framework for Multi-Disciplinary Concept A/C Design


WORKSHOP SESSION 2 (26 May 2011)

Mihaela Nita, Hamburg University, Germany, Parameter Optimization for an Interactive Aircraft Design

Rodrigo Martinez Val, Madrid University, Spain, Design Point, Operating Point and Productivity of Transport Airplanes

Aldo Frediani, University of Pisa, Italy, Conceptual design of an innovative large PrandtlPlane Freighter

Valeriy A Komarov, University of Samara, Russia, Aircraft Design Using Variable Density Models

Anatoly Kretov and Vladimir Kostin, Kazan State University, Russia, About Integration of the Professional Education in Russia

Agostino De Marco, University of Naples "Federico II", Italy, The Role of Flight Simulation and Flight Tests in Aircraft Design


WORKSHOP SESSION 3 (27 May 2011)

Vladimir Zhuravlev, Moscov Aviation Institute, Russia, Russian Approach to Aircraft Design and Aeronautical Education

Pavel Zhuravlev, Moscov Aviation Institute, Russia, Role of Modifications in the Development of Passenger Airplanes

Gianfranco La Rocca, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, Aircraft Design and Optimization. MDO and KBE

Nicole Viola, Turin Polytechnic, Italy, A Simulink based Status model to Test Multiple System Integration

Marco Fioriti, Turin Polytechnic, Italy, Regional turboprop conversion for AEW&C purposes supposing auxiliary engine installation

Askin T. Isikveren, Bauhaus Luftfahrt - Munchen, Germany, Electro-mobility and the Future of Transport Aircraft Development

Balazs Gati, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Performace calculation for UAVs

Damian Rivas, University of Sivilla, Spain, Optimality of Breguet Range Equation for High-Speed Commercial Aircraft


WORKSHOP SESSION 4 (27 May 2011)

Christopher Jouannet, Linköping University, Sweden, Realization and Flight Testing of a Scaled Generic Fighter

Jaroslav Juračka, Brno University of Technology  - Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Czechoslovakia, Development of VUT 001 Marabu aircraft

Louis Tsague - School of Engineering of Yaounde, Camerun, Aircraft Polluttant Emissions: Formation, Mechanism and Reduction by Inlet and Flame Temperature Optimization