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The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


12th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
(EWADE 2015)

Presentations will be uploded in a next step.



In 2013 at the end of the workshop in Linköping it was originally decided to go to Delft in May/June 2015. Later and independently it was decided by CEAS to have the CEAS European Air & Space Conference 2015 at TU Delft in autumn 2015. For this reason, it was decided to have EWADE co-located with CEAS 2015

For this reason EWADE 2015 took place from 9th to 11th September 2015 at TU Delft, the Netherlands. The CEAS conference started already on the 7th of September.


Workshop Report

EWADE 2015 was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Gianfranco La Rocca and was organized together with the staff also organizing CEAS 2015. In the evening of Wednesday 9th there was the big CEAS dinner organized on a traditional paddle steamer touring through the port of Rotterdam.

The day for the EWADE sessions was Thursday 10th. EWADE filled sessions the whole morning and afternoon. There were a total of 12 presentation slots of 30 minutes each. One slot was reserved for the typical EWADE discussion on next steps and the next venue.

*.pdf EWADE2015Agenda.pdf

The EWADE workshop was planned to close at 17:00, but continued half an hour longer, so that EWADE participants missed the CEAS Closing Ceremony and went instead directly to ...

EWADE's social event in "good old EWADE family atmosphere" on Thursday 10th at 18:00. We met at at the beautiful Maria van Jesse Church. The group walked together for 20 minutes into the center of Delft (see here).

Why did we meet at the Maria van Jesse church? Exactly 100 years ago, the famous Dutch builder of organs Maarschalkerweerd departed. To commemorate this anniversary, a series of concerts were given on the romantic organ he built in the Maria van Jesse Church. Thanks to our friend and EWADE founding father Prof. Torenbeek, an organ concert was given especially for us(!) by Petra Veenswijk. The 7-part program (PDF) was followed by a demonstration of the organ. Our group enjoyed the concert and the demonstration of this beautiful instrument with further explanations about how it is played. We were introduced to the many pipes and keyboards. The organ demonstration finished at around 19:00.

After that we went for dinner in restaurant Sesam & Spijs in the center of Delft located at the back of the old city hall. We were very well treated with beverages and very special and delicious food rolling in constantly until late. The evening gave us ample possibility to talk and network. The dinner was sponsored by the Chair of Flight Performance and Propulsion at TU Delft. Thanks for the invitation!

Friday 11th was reserved for technical visits organized by CEAS. These visits were included in the EWADE fee. There were 4 visit destinations to choose from: NLR, ESA, TU Delft and Fokker Aerostructure. Delegates had the possibility to select their favorite visit during online registration.

For later comparison: The EWADE fee in 2015 was set to 125 EUR for early bird registration (before July) and 150 EUR for regular registration. This included lunch and coffee for the EWADE day, USB stick with CEAS presentations, and the typical conference bag. Also the technical tour was included for this price. The dinner ticket (harbor cruise) came at a cost of 125 EUR, which was not included in the EWADE fee.


Final Discussion about EWADE's Next Steps

For the second time EWADE was co-located with the CEAS conference. In comparison to last years EWADE together with CEAS, the fees were only about half and in reach of most potential participants. Only some presenters from TU Delft just popped in for their presentation. The majority of participants stayed for the whole day in the small seminar room allocated to EWADE. This allowed again an experience of EWADE as a meeting among friends.

For a normal EWADE sequence we would meet again in 2017, but for a long time we also wanted to do something together with READ (Research and Education in Aircraft Design). See e.g. this initiative (PDF) to co-locate EWADE and READ in 2011 (in EWADE's sequence) which in the end did not happen.

During CEAS 2015 the option was created to co-locate an EWADE already in 2016 with READ (in READ's sequence). Prof. Goraj as "father of READ/RRDPAE" invited all EWADE participants to Warsaw. EWADE would follow its normal sequence of workshops in odd years with its own workshop in 2017.

After a discussion it became clear that no one objected to offer an out-of-sequence EWADE in 2016 for the sake of co-locating it once with READ. Some EWADE participants announced already to participate in an EWADE/READ 2016.

A further discussion about 2017 showed preference for having EWADE co-located with some other event in 2017. This other event could be CEAS 2017 (autumn) or SCAD 2017. If the opportunity would arise it could even be a combined CEAS/SCAD/EWADE 2017. No host strongly volunteered to organize a separated EWADE 2017 (possibly during the traditional month of May).

An acclamation by hand gave approval to co-locate EWADE with READ in 2016 (Warsaw). It was decided to follow further developments at CEAS and SCAD and to decide at the end of the EWADE in 2016 how to continue in 2017.


Last update:  18 April 2017
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