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The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


5th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education (EWADE 2002)

Linkoping University
June 2 - June 4, 2002
Linköping, Sweden

The 2002 conference was held in Linköping, Sweden. Linköping is the home of significant aerospace activity, particularly with Saab and the Swedish Defence Material Administration Flight Test Organisation.


  • Sunday 2 June - Social event. We traveled to Motala on the coast of Lake Vättern from where we took a boat to the medieval township of Vadstena. After lunch we returned to Motala to visit the Motala Motor Museum to inspect a range of classic cars and motorbikes.
  • Monday 3 June - Technical programme all day followed by a tour of the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping and a dinner.
  • Tuesday 4 June - Technical programme in the morning followed by Saab visit in the afternoon.
The detailed programme:
*.pdf Programme.pdf     Size:  9.1K


map Linköping is located approximately 200km southwest of Stockholm. It is the fifth largest city in Sweden, with a population of 130,000 people. Most people work in technology related fields from aerospace to telecommunications to health sciences. Transport to and from Linköping is readily available through connecting flights with Copenhagen and Stockholm or via train. The weather during the workshop: "blue sky and hot" (better than average). We enjoyed around 16 hours of daylight.

Map of the campus:
*.pdf Campus.pdf     Size:  482K


Institutionen för konstruktions- och produktionsteknik (IKP)
Linköpings universitet

Workshop organization

Linköping University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, e-mail  Prof. Petter Krus.

Papers from the workshop

The presentations from the workshop in 2002 have been documented with Extended Abstracts. These Extended Abstracts were copied into a handout and distributed to the workshop participants. Look at the handout, separate Extended Abstracts and additional information from EWADE 2002. pin

Pictures from the workshop

pictures from EWADE 2002. pin

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