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The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


13th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
(EWADE 2017)

EWADE 2017 was held as a Workshop at CEAS 2017. As such, EWADE 2017 was part of the 6th CEAS Air & Space Conference, AEROSPACE EUROPE 2017, Bucharest, Romania, 16th - 20th October 2017. EWADE 2017 took place during the 4th conference day - Thursday, 19th October 2017, from 10:45 to 18:00 in Nicolae Iorga Hall No 2. The workshop discussed recent advances in aircraft design (research and teaching).

Presentations will be uploded in a next step.

The workshop was organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter SCHOLZ, MSME from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

The workshop addressed a wider group in 2017. Everyone was invited from the EWADE and SCAD community together with all who wanted to contribute to the activity of the CEAS Technical Committee Aircraft Design (TCAD) under CEAS. The workshop was also announced at CEAS.

logoAWADE Partner
Partner organization in 2017 was AWADE:
Home: Asian Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
1st Asian Workshop on Aircraft Design Education, 2016
2nd Asian Workshop on Aircraft Design Education, 2017

An invitation for EWADE2017 was sent on 2017-09-25 as e-mail attachment:
*.pdf EWADE2017_Invitation.pdf


Sequence of Events

Thursday, 19th October 2017:

10:45 - 12:45 Session 1:
Aero Education Case Studies. Concepts, Tools and New Ideas in Aircraft Design
13:45 - 15:45 Session 2 (Video conferencing from AWADE 2017 at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China):
Aero Education Case Studies. History, Drag, Noise and Certification in Aerospace Design
16:00 - 18:00 Session 3:
Aero Education Case Studies. Student Projects, Tools and Concepts in Aircraft Design. Publications in Aircraft Design. Discussion about EWADE 2019

*.pdf EWADE2017_Program.pdf

Details of Program and Authors (see 2nd tab):
*.html EWADE2017_Details.htm

Book of Abstracts:
*.pdf EWADE2017_BookOfAbstracts.pdf pin


Workshop Report

Special about this workshop was the link to AWADE in China via Skype.

*.pdf 2017-10-29News_AWADE.pdf

The workshop participants in Europe could see the slides of each presentation as they advanced. The slides were presented via Skype in real time. Quality of the slides transmitted online via Skype was limited, but all text was readable. The presenter was shown in the corner of the screen. Sound quality arriving from China was quite bad, but luckily just about sufficient to follow the presentation.

The workshop participants in China received better sound than those in Europe. Therefore, participants in China understood everything said in Europe including the discussion at the end of EWADE2017. Presentations had been sent in advance to China so that the presentations could be displayed locally without the need to be transmitted in real time. In this way, presentations in China were without optical losses. However, there was the need to advance the slides in China manually at the same way they were advanced in Europe.

CEAS2017 offered sessions parallel to EWADE also on the topic of aircraft design. This caused clashes in the timetable for EWADE presenters who were engaged also in these other sessions. A plus this year: Presenters at EWADE2017 generally stayed in the workshop. Furthermore, EWADE could draw additional participants from CEAS. Partnering with AWADE meant that the audience was even larger. The number of people listening was altogether satisfactory for presenters. However, the number of participating faculty in EWADE2017 involved in teaching aircraft design was felt too low and hence not satisfactory.


Final Discussion about EWADE's Next Steps

The discussion at the end of EWADE2017 showed that participants enjoyed sharing their ideas among friends. But, participants asked for a more meaningful and larger format of the workshop to make it worth to come. Some ideas were developed.

An acclamation by hand gave approval to co-locate EWADE with READ in 2018 (Brno) and to combine EWADE2019 with CEAS2019. A combined EWADE/CEAS was seen as the only option, because no one volunteered to host a separated EWADE in 2019. However, it should be considered to run EWADE on the day after all CEAS presentations to make it exclusive for participants. As such EWADE could e.g. run on the day of the technical visits and as such in time for participants to reach home before the weekend.


How Visitors and Authors Got Prepared

Contributors and visitors to EWADE 2017 had to register for CEAS2017 as indicated here. Questions related to fees were answered by the local organizing committee for CEAS 2017.

We have observed, especially during EWADE 2015, that a few contributors to the EWADE session did not understand fully the meaning of embedding a workshop into a conference. The EWADE sessions are NOT just another offer to hop in, give a presentation, hop off, and leave. Presenting, listening, and discussing all belong together. We will start the EWADE workshop all together and leave all together in the evening. Authors who are scheduled for a later session will not speak, if they have not been present also in sessions earlier during the day (unless they have good excuse). As far as possible, there should not be clashes in the timetable between EWADE and CEAS for authors when they present their paper.

CC BY As explained here, the workshop presentations will not be peer reviewed and, hence, not published in the Conference Proceedings. Instead, the workshop presentations of EWADE 2017 will be published on this site (http://ewade.aircraftdesign.org). As in previous years, EWADE follows its Archiving Strategy. This is how publications from 2017 will also look like: http://ProceedingsEWADE2013.AircraftDesign.org. For proper online archiving, authors should include a one-paragraph abstract, keywords, the CC BY logo, and CC BY link into their presentation. Authors will just use their respective institutional layout for their presentation. Authors need to deliver their presentation as a PowerPoint-File or PDF/A-File several days BEFORE the workshop, so that the presentations are available for video conferencing. "Information for Authors: Producing PDF/A" provides help on this. Authors agree that their EWADE contribution will be published by Dieter Scholz on their behalf with the CC BY license. Authors retain the copyright of their publications. This means, you should put this text and link into your presentation and use the icon:

Creative Commons copyright license for the public:
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

INCAS Bulletin EWADE presenters who would like to convert their presentation after the workshop into a peer-reviewed publication should follow the regular procedure of the Open Access Aerospace Journal INCAS Bulletin. I am prepared to coordinate the joint publication of such EWADE 2017 contributions. The INCAS Bulletin is one of the best Open Access Aerospace Journals that does not charge publication fees. See here on this page and here on this page.



During CEAS 2015 the option was created to co-locate an EWADE already in 2016 with READ (in READ's sequence). Prof. Goraj as "father of READ/RRDPAE" invited all EWADE participants to Warsaw. In the end nothing came out of this idea. We remember, also the envisaged combination for 2011 of EWADE and READ did not materialize.

No host strongly volunteered to organize a separated EWADE 2017 (possibly during the traditional month of May).

A further discussion about 2017 showed preference for having EWADE co-located with some other event in 2017. CEAS 2017 was a good option.

In the end, SCAD also needed a home for 2017 and the opportunity was at hand to combine CEAS/EWADE/SCAD in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.

The local university, the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) is very active with its Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, but has not so much history in teaching Aircraft Design. Therefore, no professor from Bucharest was available early on to chair an EWADE 2017. This initial condition for EWADE 2017 was much in contrast to EWADE 2015 in Delft and EWADE 2013 in Linköping - both with universities very active in Aircraft Design. The situation was quickly solved and an EWADE 2017 got on its way!


Last update:  30 November 2022
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