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The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


7th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
(EWADE 2005)

As in the other workshops, the objectives of the workshop in 2005 were:
  • To allow European lecturers concerned with aircraft design to continue active collaboration both in education and research
  • To debate about problems arising in aircraft design education, due to the changing industrial and educational scenarios
  • To enhance cooperation with the European aerospace industry
The workshop was chaired by Prof. Rodrigo Martínez-Val from ETSIA-UPM with the cooperation of Prof. Jean-Luc Boiffier from SupAéro. The meeting took place in the facilities of SupAéro.

Technical sessions were arranged from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21. The workshop included a technical visit to Airbus assembly facilities, an evening reception in the city hall of Toulouse and a workshop dinner. The workshop started at 9h30 on Wednesday 19 October with an invited presentation from Prof. Dieter Schmitt, Vicepresident RT Airbus. Later it followed a formal welcome address by M. Jose D'Antin, Director of SupAéro.

Participants delivered 20 presentations and shared their experiences with other lecturers. Among others, the papers considered design methodology, case studies, university-industry relationship, threats and opportunities in the academic environment...

As in former occasions the workshop had no inscription fee. Expenses were covered by SupAéro and Airbus, whose support is deeply appreciated.

Jean-Luc Boiffier and Rodrigo Martínez-Val


EWADE 2005 - Final Program, Presentations, Pictures

Final Program:    *.pdf    Size: 102K

Final Report:    *.pdf    Size: 12K

Presentations from EWADE 2005 pin

Pictures from EWADE 2005


Full Text Papers from EWADE 2005 in JAERO Vol.221 (2007)  new

Full text papers from EWADE 2005 were published in the Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Vol.221:

Overview of papers: *.pdf    Size: 124K

Guest Editorial:    *.pdf    Size: 27K

JAERO papers included in table of "Presentations from EWADE 2005" pin


Preparatory Discussions towards EWADE 2007

At the end of the EWADE 2005 in Toulouse, Prof. Valeri Komarov invited the EWADE community for the 8th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education in 2007 to Samara, Russia. With a presentation, he gave the participants an impression of his university - the Samara State Aerospace University. After his presentation, an acclamation by hand showed strong support and a general consensus to go to Samara in 2007. The tentative date for the meeting was set between May 15th and June 15th 2007.

This preliminary decision was open to further discussed via e-mail also to include the opinion of former EWADE participants, who had not been able to participate at the EWADE in Toulouse.

It was decided to bring EWADE back to a date in spring/summer - a time in the year that seems to be most suitable to most participants. With a meetings in 2005 and 2007, EWADE was shifted from even years to odd years. This was seen as an advantage, because other events of interest to the aircraft design community (e.g. ICAS) take place in even years.


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