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DAY 1 - 25th of November

12h30      Lunch
14h00     Welcome session  (by P. Schmollgruber)

14h20     TCAD organization and activity map

15h00      Industrial vision session I - Chairman: P. Schmollgruber (ONERA)
                15h00 Airbus presentation by L. Joergensen
                15h30 Airbus Defence and Space presentation by F. Daoud
                16h00 Pace presentation by A. Schneegans

16h30      Coffee break

17h00      Innovative concepts session I - Chairman: L. Joergensen (Airbus)
                17h00 Strut-braced wing configuration by D. Böhnke (DLR)
                17h30 Novel propulsion by S. Dmytriyev (Ivchenko-progress)
                18h00 Boundary Layer Ingestion concept by M. Meheut (ONERA)

18h30     End of Day 1


DAY 2 - 26th of November

08h30     Innovative concepts session II - Chairman: B. Nagel (DLR)
               08h30    Box wing by A. Rizzi (KTH)
               09h00    First Flight of the Inverted Joined-wing Demonstrator and Beyond by C. Galinski (ILOT)
               09h30    BWB control by M. Voskuijl (TUD)
               10h00    Conceptual design of a passenger aircraft for aerial refueling operations. Comparison with direct and staging flight by G. La Rocca (TUD)
               10h30    The "Smart Turboprop" - A proposal for an A320 successor by D. Scholz (HAW Hamburg)

11h00      Coffee break

11h30      Reference aircraft - Chairman: W. Anemaat (DARcorporation)
                11h30      Short Range Reference Aircraft CeRAS by F. Schültke (RWTH)
                12h00      Fokker 100 reference aircraft by G. La Rocca (TUD)
                12h30      General Aviation aircraft by F. Nicolosi (Uni. Napoli)

13h00      Lunch break

14h00      MDO and tools session I - Chairman: F. Daoud (Airbus Defence and Space)
                14h00     Aeroelastic analysis of a regional aircraft with morphing wing using PyPAD framework by S. Ricci (Pol. Milano)
                14h30     Loads & Aeroelasticity Assessment of Forward Swept and Strut Braced Wings by G. Pinho Chiozzotto (DLR)
                15h00     High-fidelity into preliminary aircraft designs frameworks by E. Laurendeau (Ecole Poly. Montreal)
                15h30     Interactions of Aircraft Design and Control: Actuators Sizing and Optimization for an Unstable Flying Wing by Y. Denieul  (ONERA/ISAE / Airbus)

16h00     Coffee break

16h30     MDO and tools session II - Chairman: J. Vos (CFSE Engineering)
               16h30      MDO methods and tools by R. d'Ippolito (Noesis Solutions)
               17h00      Co-Simulation Framework by C. Radermacher (TWT)
               17h30      MDO advances at Onera by T. Lefebvre (Onera) 

18h00    End of Day 2

DAY 3 - 27th of November

08h30    MDO and tools session III - Chairman: G. La Rocca (TUD)
              08h30       Multi-User Concept in RCE by D. Seider (DLR)
              09h00       Status of CEASIOM and future ideas by A. Da Ronch (Uni. Southampton)
              09h30       Integration of CPACS in predesign tools by T. Goetzendorf-Grabowski (PW)
              10h00       Design Languages by S. Rudolph (UST)

10h30    Coffee break

11h00    Industrial vision session II - Chairman: D. Scholz (HAW Hamburg)
              11h00        AAA and CPACS coupling by W. Anemaat (DARcorporation)
              11h30        Dassault Aviation's presentation by P. Rostand

12h00    Closing session
              12h00      Publication Options Suitable for Aircraft Design by D. Scholz
              12h45      Summary of the 4th SCAD by P. Schmollgruber
              13h00      Review of the activity and competence map by B. Nagel
              13h15      Decisions about next meeting

13h15    Lunch break

14h15    Technical tour

16h00    End of Day 3


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Souffleries F1 - Maquette A350Technical tour

On the afternoon of the 27th of November, a technical tour at the Onera Wind Tunnel F1 in Fauga was scheduled.