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4th SCAD - Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design

The new CEAS Technical Committee Aircraft Design (TCAD) was approved on 7th March 2013 by the CEAS Board of Trustees. TCAD consists of a Research Section and an Education Section.

The Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design (SCAD) is the annual meeting of the TCAD Research Section. The TCAD Education Section convenes every other year as the European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education (EWADE).

The new structure was presented to the participants during the DLR inspired "3rd Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design" at the end of the European Air and Space Conference in Linköping.
As announced during this constituting meeting, a symposium organized by TCAD's research section will be held every year in order to keep the community updated about the latest technical achievements and successful projects.

With this background and history, the 4th Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design was scheduled from 25th to 27th of November 2014 hosted by ONERA in Toulouse.
The aim of the event was to exchange information on ongoing activities and actual problems in aircraft design as well as multidisciplinary design optimization.
Therefore, all sessions were based on active discussions between the participants.
Short presentations introduced the topics as starting point for the argumentation.

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