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Aircraft Design


The education activity of
the Technical Committee
Aircraft Design (TCAD)
under CEAS


European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education (EWADE)

"The European Workshops on Aircraft Design Education" have formed a forum for academic staff active in aircraft design education at European universities.

EWADE 20xx - 15th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

The 15th workshop was planned to be co-located with the next CEAS congress ... Stay tuned for the next "real" CEAS congress or ...
(Note: EWADE will not convene at this 2020 Multi-Organization-Event)



EWADE 2018 - 14th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

The workshop was held from 7th to 9th November 2018 together with READ at Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.

READ has a long history dating as far back as EWADE which also started in 1994.

Organizer for READ was Prof. Jaroslav Juracka, director of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering.

Following this workshop, EWADE will come back to its usual schedule, offering the next workshop in the odd year of 2019. With this additional offer of a workshop in 2018, EWADE only temporarily switched to an annual sequence in order to make the first joint READ/EWADE workshop possible.

Please find further details on the Homepage of EWADE 2018.


Bucharest Parliament

EWADE 2017 - 13th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

EWADE 2017 was a Workshop at CEAS 2017. As such, EWADE 2017 was part of the 6th CEAS Air & Space Conference, AEROSPACE EUROPE 2017, Bucharest, Romania, 16th - 20th October 2017. EWADE 2017 took place during the 4th conference day - Thursday, 19th October 2017, from 10:45 to 18:00. The workshop discussed recent advances in aircraft design (research and teaching).

The workshop was organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter SCHOLZ, MSME from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

*.pdf EWADE2017_BookOfAbstracts.pdf

Please find further details on the Homepage of EWADE 2017.


TU Delft Aula

EWADE 2015 - 12th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

EWADE 2015 took place at TU Delft, the Netherlands from 9th to 11th September 2015. It was co-located with CEAS 2015. The workshop was organized by Assistant Professor Dr. Gianfranco La Rocca from TU Delft.

Please get further information about EWADE 2015.


Konsert and Kongress

EWADE 2013 - 11th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

Presentations from EWADE 2013

EWADE 2013 took place in Linköping, Sweden from 17th to 19th of September 2013. It was co-located with CEAS 2013. The workshop was organized by Prof. Dieter Scholz from HAW Hamburg and by Prof. Petter Krus from Linköping University. Please obtain further information of EWADE 2013.


University of Naples

EWADE 2011 - 10th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

EWADE 2011 took place from 24th to 27th May 2011 in the city of Naples, Italy at the University of Naples "Federico II". The workshop was chaired by Prof. Fabrizio Nicolosi. Please consult the Hompage of EWADE 2011 for more details.



EWADE 2009 - 9th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

EWADE 2009 took place from 13th to 15th May 2009 in the city of Sevilla, Spain at the Universidad de Sevilla. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Damián Rivas. For details visit the EWADE 2009 web page. Furthermore, get workshop presentations and pictures. For the first time, EWADE was also announced as an activity under CEAS and was listed on the CEAS Calendar under the guidance of the Technical Committee (TC) "Vehicle Design".



EWADE 2007 - 8th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

EWADE 2007 took place from Tuesday, 29.05.07 to Saturday, 02.06.07 in the city of Samara, Russia at Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU). The workshop was chaired by Prof. Valeriy Komarov. 23 participants from 10 countries made the - in many cases - long way to Samara. For details visit the EWADE 2007 web page.


EWADE-Meeting 2006

HAW Hamburg The 2006 convention was only a short and informal "EWADE-meeting" (not a workshop) with only a single presentation and dinner. It took place on Wednesday evening, 06.09.2006 on the occasion of the ICAS 2006 conference in Hamburg, Germany. The EWADE-Meeting 2006 took place on the campus of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg). It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Dieter Scholz from HAW Hamburg. 33 participants from 14 countries were present. Please obtain further information about the EWADE-Meeting 2006.


EWADE 2005 - 7th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

Sup Aero The workshop was held in Toulouse, France from Wednesday, 19.10.05 to Friday, 21.10.05. EWADE 2005 was chaired by Prof. Rodrigo Martínez-Val from ETSIA-UPM with the cooperation of Prof. Jean-Luc Boiffier from SupAéro. The meeting took place in the facilities of SupAéro. 36 participants from 12 countries gathered to Toulouse. Please obtain further information and results of EWADE 2005.


EWADE 2004 - 6th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

Brno EWADE 2004 was held in Brno, Czech Republic. Technical and plenary lessons took place on Monday, 27.09.04 and Tuesday, 28.09.04 with an additional social program. The workshop was shifted to September after initial plans for a meeting from 31.05. to 02.06.04. Head of the Organizing Committee for EWADE 2004 was Prof. Ing. Antonin Pistek, CSc from Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Aerospace Engineering. The workshop is documented in a splendid way on the EWADE 2004 Website.


History back to the Roots

The first European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education was held in Madrid in 1994 and was hosted by the University of Madrid (ETSIA). There were approximately 25 participants from 10 countries. Other workshops followed, often with an increasing number of participants. All workshops were arranged with financial support and contributions of the industry. Since 1994 EWADE is know as an affectionate community of people with similar interests. Today, everyone is welcome to participate and to contribute with a presentation or poster. Here is the list of all past EWADE workshops:
  • 13th  Workshop: 2017 Bucharest
  • 12th  Workshop: 2015 Delft
  • 11th  Workshop: 2013 Linköping
  • 10th  Workshop: 2011 Naples
  •   9th  Workshop: 2009 Sevilla
  •   8th  Workshop: 2007 Samara
  •              Meeting: 2006 Hamburg
  •   7th  Workshop: 2005 Toulouse
  •   6th  Workshop: 2004 Brno
  •   5th  Workshop: 2002 Linköping
  •   4th  Workshop: 2000 Turin
  •   3rd  Workshop: 1998 Bristol
  •   2nd Workshop: 1996 Berlin
  •   1st  Workshop: 1994 Madrid



After the Madrid Workshop in 1994 it was agreed that workshops would be organized every two years, hosted by those participants who can find sufficient financial support from their university and from their local or national industry. Objectives are formulated as follows:
  • To allow European lecturers concerned with Aircraft Design to continue their active collaboration.
  • To discuss Aircraft Design problems as regards research and education.
  • To enhance close cooperation with the aerospace industry for the two aspects mentioned above.
In order to allow local organizers the greatest possible freedom and to keep the initiative open as possible to those who are interested to join at any time, it was decided, at least for the time being, not to establish a formal organization.

This paragraph was taken from:
TORENBEEK, E.: Aircraft design education in Europe. In: Aircraft Design, Volume 3, Number 4 (2000), 205-206

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