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Available Presentations from SCAD 2015

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Please find in addition the Presentations as link in the SCAD 2015 Workshop Program


Author Affiliation Title Presentation
F. Nicolosi University of Naples, Italy Introduction to 5th SCAD Workshop PDF
M. Moore NASA Langley, USA Distributed Electric Propulsion Aircraft PDF
S. Dmytryev Ivchenko-Progress, Russia Ivchenko-Progress Innovations for Turboprop Engines PDF
O. Atinault Onera, France NOVA Configuration PDF
T. Zill DLR, Germany New configurations at DLR PDF
P. Piperni Bombardier, Canada MDO for aircraft design at Bombardier PDF
P. Della Vecchia University of Naples, Italy Challenges for New Regional Turboprop Configuration PDF
A. Rizzi KTH Stockholm, Sweden Recent Advances in Variable Fidelity MDO Framework for Collaborative & Integrated Aircraft Configuration Development - CEASIOM PDF
S. Ricci Politecnico di Milano, Italy Recent Developments on AcBuilder, NeoCASS and PyPAD Tools: Toward a Multi-Fidelity Aeroelastic Framework for Conceptual and Preliminary Aircraft Design PDF
T. Grabowsky University of Warsaw, Poland The Stability of Joined Wing Configuration within Optimization Procedures PDF
W. Anemaat DARCORP, USA Smart Aircraft Modeler for Aircraft Conceptual Design PDF
M. Fioriti Politecnico di Torino, Italy Aircraft System Design Tool PDF
F. Schültke RWTH Aachen University, Germany Reference Aircraft PDF
F. Nicolosi University of Naples, Italy About a Possible European Project on Methods & Tools PDF
A. De Marco University of Naples, Italy A Java Framework for Aircraft Design - Software Engineering Best Practices Applied to Aerospace Science PDF

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