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3rd Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design


19.-20. September 2013, Linköping (Sweden)


Aircraft design aiming at operational benefits is characterized by a high number of different disciplines involved. In the same time, high fidelity tools are required in order to model novel technologies appropriately. Thus a collaborative way of working is decisive to master this challenge.


In complement to the CEAS Conference, the Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design offers a forum pronouncing the dialogue on not yet solved problems and the joint planning of future activities. The targeted benefits are:


  • Significant results for future aircraft enabled by complementary research.
  • Cross validation enabled by harmonized design tasks.
  • Techniques for efficient Collaborative Aircraft Design.


During the 2nd Symposium on Collaborative Aircraft Design which was held from the 2nd till the 6th December 2012 in Hamburg (Germany) first experiences with open source technologies for efficient collaboration such as the CPACS data model (Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Scheme) and RCE framework software (Remote Component Environment) were shared. Different organizations teamed up in order to work collaboratively on different designs for next generation short range configurations as well as on Blended Wing Body configurations. The 2nd symposium’s information is available at the CPACS project page


Completed work steps will be published at the CEAS conference. The 3rd Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design is set to present and discuss first experiences from the launched collaboration process. Identified new challenges will be discussed and the dialogue on future activities on tool development and the design tasks will permit the participants to conduct their forward planning in a synergetic way.


A new CEAS Technical Committee on Aircraft Design (TCAD) will be launched at the workshop.


The symposium is organized by the German Aerospace Center, Institute of Air Transportation Systems and hosted at Linköping University, Flumes. The workshop is limited to 55 persons only.


For further details such as preliminary agenda and registration please see the CEAS workshop homepage.


Attention:  The registration on CEAS conference does NOT include participation on the CEAS TCAD/SCAD Workshop!



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 Important dates:

  • June 2012: First Announcement
  • September 2012: Call for Papers
  • 31:st March 2013: Abstract submission
  • May: registration opens
  • 20:st May 2013: Abstract acceptance and notification to authors
  • 7:th July, Early bird registration deadline.
  • 5:st August 2013: Full paper submission
  • 16-19 September 2013: CEAS2013 Conference
  • October 19:th - Proceedings published

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