CPACS/RCE Symposia

 CPACS/RCE Symposium
zum Bild CPACS/RCE Symposium

The multi-disciplinary nature of aircraft design requires a constant exchange of information and knowledge between expertes and their analysis tools. An multitude of interfaces along with the barrieres of proprietary software hampers this flow of information. Since 2005 the German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.) is researching these topics in several projects.

The research in DLR lead to the development of a distributed design environment for aircraft. As it is the main purpose of the environment to enable collaboration we like to offer the environment in from as a Release Kit to your own use.

The release kit contains a standart for the description of aircraft configurations (CPACS), an integration framework to couple analysis tools (RCE for CPACS) and a conceptual aircraft design tool (VAMPzero) for  jet transport aircraft.

Under the headline Collaboration in Aircraft Design we like to dicuss research on multi-disciplinary aircraft design topics during the CPACS/RCE Symposium. We are glad to welcome you in Hamburg.

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