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Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology (AAST)

- A Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal -

from Scientific Research Publishing Inc., USA (SCIRP)

focusing on Applied Aeronautics
focusing further on Aircraft Design with a Special Issue

Editor's Page

Editor-in-Chief (up to April 2016, helping to set up the journal and the publisher) e-mail Prof. Dr. Dieter Scholz on LinkedIn
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter SCHOLZ, MSME
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Editor's Biography Page at SCIRP

Editorial Assistant e-mail Ms. YAN Yaqin (Jenny) on LinkedIn
Ms. YAN Yaqin (Jenny)

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Tiered APCs at AAST

At AAST Article Processing Charges (APC) are arranged in several levles depending on the Paper Category / Article Type.
Basic APC for
   Original Research   300 USD
   Research Review     300 USD

Reduced APC for
   Educational Review  200 USD
   Historical Review   200 USD 
   Book Review         100 USD 
   Comment ´           100 USD *
   Technical Comment   100 USD *
   Engineering Note    100 USD *
   Viewpoint           100 USD

* The reduced price assumes the edited Comment, Technical Comment, or Engineering Note is not longer than 6 pages (in final publisher's PDF).
If it is longer than 6 pages the price is 200 USD, if longer than 11 pages it is 300 USD.



Further Reading - Blog Entries from Prof. Scholz

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DOAJ Blog Posts by Prof. Scholz on the EASE Journal Blog

Comments and Questions by Prof. Scholz on OASPA's Blog

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COPE Comments by Prof. Scholz on COPE's Forum Discussions

Scholarly Kitchen Comments by Prof. Scholz on Scholarly Kitchen

LinkedIn Blog Posts by Prof. Scholz on LinkedIn


Further Reading - Memos from Prof. Scholz

item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2014. Organizing Articles into Volumes and Issues - Considerations for Special Issues. Memorandum. Scientific Research Publishing, 2014-12-21. Available from: http://AAST.ProfScholz.de.

*.pdf AAST_M_ArticleOrganization_14-12-21.pdf     Upload:  2014-12-23,     Size:   313K    


item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2014. Journal Metrics. Memorandum. Scientific Research Publishing, 2014-12-06. Available from: http://AAST.ProfScholz.de.

*.pdf AAST_M_JournalMetrics_14-12-06.pdf     Upload:  2014-12-08,     Size:   505K    


item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2013. Design of AAST's Title Page. Memorandum. Scientific Research Publishing, 2013-05-16. Available from: http://AAST.ProfScholz.de.

*.pdf AAST_M_Design_of_AASTs_Title_Page_13-05-16.pdf     Upload:  2013-08-09,     Size:   388K    


Further Reading - Publications from Prof. Scholz

SCAD 2014
item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2014. Publication Options Suitable for Aircraft Design. - Open Access Journals Edited by Members of European Aerospace Organizations. (4th Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design, 25. to 27.11.2014, Toulouse, France). Available from: http://OA.ProfScholz.de.

*.pdf OA_PRE_SCAD_14-11-25.pdf     Upload:  2019-12-29,     Size:  609K


CEAS 2013 Proceedings
item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2013. Open Access Publishing in Aerospace – Opportunities and Pitfalls. In: MELIN, Tomas; KRUS, Petter; VINTERHAV, Emil; ÖVREBÖ, Knut: PROCEEDINGS of the 4th CEAS Conference in Linköping, 2013 (4th CEAS Air & Space Conference, 16. to 19.09.2013, Linköping, Sweden), pp 503-515. ISBN 978-91-7519-519-3, URI: urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-99581, DocumentID: 236. Available from: http://OA.ProfScholz.de.

Paper (peer-reviewed):
*.pdf OA_PUB_CEAS_13-09-16.pdf     Upload:  2014-12-13,     Size:  419K

*.pdf OA_PRE_CEAS_13-09-16.pdf     Upload:  2013-10-03,     Size:  1.6M


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