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"Open Access" is a buzz word. What is in it for a university? Is it a political agenda? Maybe, but that's not the point here. The many things that are part of "Open Access" enable a barrier free enhanced visibility of achivements of the university today and still in the future:
  1. Full visibility barrier free! Online at your fingertips without pay barriers.
  2. Full visibility now! Not only metadata (author, title, abstract, year), but the full text now (not after 12 month embargo period).
  3. Full visibility easy to retrieve! Documents are well indexed: Use of DOI, URN, cataloged in National Library, Dublin Core, ...
  4. Full visibility still in the future! The full text guaranteed available also in 100 years and beyond through archiving.


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My Publications Related to "Open Access"

DGLR item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2015. Aerospace Journals – Metrics & Ranking (DGLR - Top 40 - Aerospace Journal Ranking). Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress (Rostock, 22. - 24. September 2015). Available from:,, and See also:

Poster and Presentation:
*.pdf DGLR_PRE_JournalRanking_15-09-22.pdf     Upload:  08 October 2020,     Size:  434K


DGLR item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2015. Publish your DLRK 2015 - Paper in a Special Issue of the Journal Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology by Emerald Group Publishing!. Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress (Rostock, 22. - 24. September 2015). Available from:

Poster and Presentation:
*.pdf Publish_with_AEAT_for_DLRK2015.pdf.pdf     Upload:  17 September 2015,     Size:  204K


SCAD 2014
item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2014. Publication Options Suitable for Aircraft Design - Open Access Journals Edited by Members of European Aerospace Organizations. 4th Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design (25. to 27.11.2014, Toulouse, France). Available from: and

*.pdf OA_PRE_SCAD_14-11-25.pdf     Upload:  29 December 2019,     Size:  609K


CEAS 2013 Proceedings
item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2013. Open Access Publishing in Aerospace – Opportunities and Pitfalls. In: MELIN, Tomas; KRUS, Petter; VINTERHAV, Emil; ÖVREBÖ, Knut: PROCEEDINGS of the 4th CEAS Conference in Linköping, 2013 (4th CEAS Air & Space Conference, 16. to 19.09.2013, Linköping, Sweden), pp 503-515. ISBN 978-91-7519-519-3,, DocumentID: 236. Available from: and (Paper), (Presentation).

Paper (peer-reviewed):
*.pdf OA_PUB_CEAS_13-09-16.pdf     Upload:  13 December 2014,     Size:  419K

*.pdf OA_PRE_CEAS_13-09-16.pdf     Upload:  03 October 2013,     Size:  1.6M


My Memos Related to "Open Access"

item SCHOLZ, Dieter, 2014. Journal Metrics. Memorandum. Scientific Research Publishing, 2014-12-06. Available from:

*.pdf AAST_M_JournalMetrics_14-12-06.pdf     Upload:  08 December 2014,     Size:   505K    


Journal: European Science Editing (ESE)

Journal: European Science Editing ESE is a Journal "Open Access" after 6 month embargo.
ESE is the journal of The European Association of Science Editors (EASE).
ISSN: 0258-3127
ESE is a little hidden on the web. Links below should help to promote the journal and to find it easily.

LAST UPDATE:  21 January 2022
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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