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Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology (AAST)

AAST: Copyright Form

Publishing in the AAST Journal (like in any other SCIRP journal) requires filling out and signing the Copyright Form.

For papers with more that one author, one author is named the Corresponding Author. This author communicates with SCIRP, signs forms and accepts responsibility for releasing the material on behalf of all co-authors.

The Copyright Form has to be signed before the manuscript can be published as a paper. It is advisable to sign and submit the Copyright Format already at the time when the manuscript is submitted. This can help to speed up the publishing process later.

SCIRP asks authors to grant SCIRP a nonexclusive copyright. This facilitates unrestricted publishing of the paper at SCIRP. The term "nonexclusive" means, the authors do not give away their copyright. Authors only "double" the right and share one portion with SCIRP. In this way SCIRP holds now also copyright, but not on its own (not exclusively), because also the authors continue to hold copyright with no restrictions.

SCIRP also returns something for getting the nonexclusive copyright with the author's signature:

The Corresponding Author furthermore acknowledges that it is the author's own work for which he/she holds all copyright. In case there is a complaint with violated copyright for e.g. a figure in the paper, SCIRP will blame the corresponding author who signed the Copyright Form. SCIRP will be free of all charges.

The Corresponding Author also declares that all co-authors have agreed to submitting and to publishing the manuscript as a paper.

If the Work was done under an employer, the Corresponding Author acknowledges with the signature to be authorized to sign such a form. A legal representative of the employer has to sign the form if no author if authorized to do it.

Readers/users from the Internet also attain some rights in the paper - User Rights. SCIRP will publish the paper under a Creative Commons (CC) license. The authors have a choice among to types of CC license:

By attribution: This means that users have to acknowledge the original author(s). Users are otherwise quite free what to do with the paper.
By attribution and only for noncommercial purposes: In addition to BY this means that commercial use is not allowed. Commercial use is defined as usage primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

Only these two licenses are acceptable in the "Open Access community". The default for all papers is CC BY. Only if there is a real need the author(s) may specify CC BY-NC. Unnecessary restrictions on the WWW should be avoided and handling of the paper should be kept standard and easy. Just sign the form and the paper will be published CC BY.


*.pdf AAST-Copyright-Form.pdf     Upload:  2015-01-27,     Size:   207K

*.doc AAST-Copyright-Form.doc     Upload:  2015-01-27,     Size:   127K

Once signed, the form should be send to:
e-mail YAN Yaqin (Jenny), AAST Editorial Assistant
e-mail Prof. Dieter SCHOLZ, AAST Editor-in-Chief

LAST UPDATE:  2014-04-21
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