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Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology (AAST)

SCIRP: Why China?

Scientific Research Publishing Inc. is registered in Delaware, USA. The office is in China. For details see AboutUs. Accordingly one FAQ is:

"Why is your company registered in the United States when the office is in China?"

Here is the answer:

We have to accept that we live in a globalized world. People of different nationalities travel for business and education and try to find optimum conditions:

  1. We see many US or European companies that are run by people who have US or European passports, but do much of their business in China, which will enable them to minimize both their expense of both living and routine operation and thereby maximize their gain.
  2. In this regard, people with Chinese background (e.g., Chinese Americans) have indisputable advantages in terms of language skills, cultural adaptation, and business network. If they start a company that has an international outreach (like Open Access publishing), it is only natural for them to base the company in the US (because it has a marketing advantage) and base the production (in this case text production/editing...) in China.
It looks like "the world" is more used to 1) than to 2), in spite of the fact that 2) sometimes makes more sense, especially in this particular case. SCIRP is obviously a company of type 2). As a registered corporation in the USA, SCIRP has in China everything that requires major expenses so as to cut costs and, in so doing, offer Open Access at a very competitive price to the benefit of authors (some have to pay for themselves!), research funding organizations, and/or Open Access funding schemes.

Delaware, USA offers very favorable conditions for registration of corporations (Inc.). For example, the Delaware government does not require that the "principle place of business" must be located within the USA. It does request the provision of a real address instead of a PO Box. This real address can well be outside of the United States. What SCIRP does is to seize the current global trade possibilities to ensure its legitimate freedom with regard to where to do what.

The text was written in a team effort by international scientists and SCIRP staff in May 2013.

LAST UPDATE:  2014-05-21
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