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SAS - Simple Aircraft Sizing

Aircraft Preliminary Sizing Spreadsheets

Aim of SAS is to provide the aircraft design calculation scheme from Chapter 5 (Preliminary Sizing) of the lecture and short course of Prof. Scholz as spread sheets. The lecture only deals with aircraft design of transport aircraft and business jets certified based on CS-25 or FAR Part 25. So, the modules helpful in relation to teaching are only those for

item Jets and CS-25

  1. SAS Classic: The tool used for more than a decade with more than 1000 students. See here.
  2. SAS Matching: By automatically adjusting the ratio V/Vmd , the location of the cruise line is optimized in the matching chart.
  3. SAS Optimization: An evolutionary optimization algorithm is fitted to SAS Matching.
However, it is also desirable to cover the whole field of aircraft with different propulsion systems and certification rules. This would consider

item Jets & Props and other Certification Rules

  1. SAS Jet CS-23
  2. SAS Prop CS-25. See here.
  3. SAS Prop CS-23
  4. SAS VLA
  5. SAS Ultra Light
Selected spread sheets are currently available only on the traditional page of the lecture (as indicated). Ultimately all modules will (hopefully) be included here (one day) in a systematic way.



item Philosophy of SAS is to support the aircraft designer to convert mission requirements into a hand full of the most important aircraft parameters. In order to do this, SAS supplies: item A spread sheet was selected for programming of SAS. The advantages are:
  1. Efficient integration of input, calculation and output.
  2. Open and easy to understand programming.
  3. Easy to adapt to individual needs by the user.
item SAS is only the first step in a tool chain in preliminary aircraft design. The sequence of tools that can be used is this:

SAS => OPerA => PreSTo => further Tool Chain


Publications related to SAS

ILT item Presentation at Symposium "Kollaboration im Flugzeugentwurf" (Collaboration in Aircraft Design)

SCHOLZ, Dieter: Aircraft Preliminary Sizing Tools @ Aero : SAS => OPerA => PreSTo => further Tool Chain, (Kollaboration im Flugzeugentwurf - 1. CPACS/RCE Symposium, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Hamburg, 15. / 16. March 2012 ). - Download:

*.pdf PreSTo_PRE_Kollaboration_12-03-15.pdf     Size:  2.2M

RRDPAE item Presentation and Paper at Conference "Recent Research and Design Progress in Aeronautical Engineering and its Influence on Education" (RRDPAE 2008)

SCHOLZ, Dieter; NIŢĂ, Mihaela: Preliminary Sizing of Large Propeller Driven Aeroplanes. (RRDPAE 2008, Czech Republic, Brno, 16-17 October 2008). Brno : Brno University of Technology, 2008. - ISSN: 1425-2104, Volume 2008, Paper-Number: 61. CD from: Download:

*.pdf RRDPAE-2008-Paper_SizingOfPropellerAeroplanes.pdf     Size:  743K

Download the presentation and the related journal publication here.

STAND:  02 May 2013
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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