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Calculating the Wing Lift Distribution with the Diederich Method In Microsoft Excel


Aim of this project is to provide the Diederich Method for calculating the lift distribution of a wing in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet based on didactic considerations. The Diederich Method is described based on primary and secondary literature. Diagrams are digitized so that the method can run automatically. To optimize the lift distribution of the wing, the elliptical and triangular lift distribution as well as Mason's lift distribution are offered for comparison. A method for calculating the maximum lift coefficient of the wing is integrated into the Diederich Method. To do this, the maximum lift coefficients of the airfoils at the wing root and at the wing tip must be entered in the program. The calculation assumes a trapezoidal wing. Both wing sweep and linear wing twist can be taken into account. The aspect ratio must not assume values that are too small. Subsonic flow and unseparated flow are assumed. Since only the wing is described, all other influences such as from the fuselage or from the engines are not taken into account. The Excel workbook was created for teaching in aircraft preliminary design. At the moment, the Diederich Method is apparently nowhere offered as a spreadsheet. With this work, this gap can be closed.

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Alternatively Read in English: TORENBEEK: Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design (PDF, 100 MB) E-4.2 (p.473) "Spawise Lift Distribution" and E-4.4 (p. 475) "Maximum Lift". Source: "Diederich Method" (NACA). english
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Major results / graphical abstract

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