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Lecture Aircraft Design

I teach Aircraft Design in two lectures:
  1. The main lecture Aircraft Design (4 SWS) is part of the Bachelor Degree with emphasis on "Design and Lightweight Structures".
  2. An introduction to Aircraft Design (1.5 SWS) is part of the lecture "Aircraft Projects" in the Bachelor Degree with emphasis on "Cabin and Cabin Systems".
This page serves both lectures. However it is the main lecture that is depicted.

Table of Contents

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General Information

The lecture aircraft design is a compulsory part of the advanced studies in aeronautical engineering at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
Course "Number":
Credit Hours:
4 (scheduled for the 6th semester)


Teaching Objectives


Table of Contents


Introduction and Fundamentals

 1 Introduction

 2 Design Sequence

 3 Requirements and Regulations

 4 Aircraft Configurations

Preliminary Sizing

 5 Preliminary Sizing 

Conceptual Design

 6 Fuselage Design

 7 Wing Design

 8 High Lift Systems and Maximum Lift Coefficients

 9 Empenage Design I 
10 Weight and Balance

11 Empenage Design II    

12 Landing Gear Integration

13 Drag Polar and Drag Prediction

14 Design Evaluation

15 References


Preliminary Sizing Tool: PreSTo-Classic

item Spread Sheet for Aircraft Preliminary Sizing
The spread sheet has been used by many more than 1000 students over two decades.
*.xls A-C_Preliminary_Sizing.xls (EXCEL Spread Sheet)     Changed on:  29 March 2017,     Size::  160K

*.xls A-C_Preliminary_Sizing.xlsx (EXCEL Spread Sheet --- NEW Excel-Version)     Changed on:  11 July 2018,     Size::   93K


Other Help and Tools

item Systematic Collection of Aircraft Parameters
Taken the Dassault 8X as an Example
*.xls AircraftData_Dassault_8X.xls (EXCEL Spread Sheet)     Changed on:  02 June 2021,     Size::   29K


Some Aviation History

Many countries have their aviation pioneers. Often we are not much aware of priorities in the teaching of aviation history given to various inventors in different countries. It only comes natural that the focus in every country is on their own countrymen. After all, most information exists about what has happend close by. In the lecture Aircraft Design in the Summer Semester 2017, we talked - together with our international guest students - about aviation history as seen from their perspective.

You may also look at my talk The Future of Aviation (PDF, 17MB) which has a little historic introduction asking: "Who was first in flight?"

During the lecture (German: Vorlesung = Reading) I read selected History Chapters from Anderson's books.

Anderson: Introduction to Flight:

Anderson: Fundamentals of Aerodynamcis: We looked at selected countries. In some cases, students retrieved the information and presented it in class:


YouTube: Indian 1200 Year Old Flying Machine: Vimana
(student contribution)


Aviation in Romania
Henri Coanda,   Coanda-1910,   Bucharest (main) Airport
Aurel Vlaicu (Bucharest Baneasa Airport)


(student contribution)

The Netherlands

(student contribution)

Academics perspective: Prof. (Emeritus) Egbert Torenbeek (TU Delft)
"First scientific book on Aircraft Design", Open Access
Prof. Torenbeek on Wikipedia

Egbert Torenbeek, 2016
Prof. Egbert Torenbeek, 2016
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DGLR)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Brazil (Santos Dumont)
(student contribution)


Aviation history worldwide with an emphasis of US contributions:


Otto Lilienthal.  Advancing human gliding flight.

Ludwig Prandtl.  The beginning of modern aerodynamics. PhD students:

Student of Ludwig Prandtl: Hans Multhopp lift distribution, swept wings
Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luftfahrt (DFL),   more about DFL,   Lecture Prof. Hamel (!!!)

Book: Aeronautical Research in Germany
Patent: Area Rule

Subjects: Propulsion
Hans von Ohain designer of the first operational jet engine

Pioneers: These early German aircraft builders and pioneers are not well known. Have a look anyway:

Gustav Weißkopf

Karl Jatho

Industry perspective:
Airbus A380.   Responsible for A380 development: Jürgen Thomas (from 1996 until his retirement in 2001)

More? Yes, more!

Certainly, there would be much more to mention. Please note: First ideas anlong these lines are included for Germany and The Netherlands (see above).


Selected Online Contributions to Aircraft Design

Prof. Dr. W.H. Mason, Virginia Tech

Prof. Dr. W.H. Mason
In Memoriam
Software for Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design
W. H. Mason's Info for Aircraft Design
Aircraft Design Information Sources
Configuration Aerodynamics
Applied Computational Aerodynamics
Landing Gear Integration in Aircraft Conceptual Design

Truss-Braced Wing Design

Dr. Élodie Roux

Reports for Download
3-View Drawings (book)
Directeur de thèse: Prof. J.L. Boiffier

Software for the Vortex Lattice Method (VLM)

Tornado --- by Tomas Melin (Sweden)
AVL --- by Mark Drela and Harold Youngren (USA)
IDrag --- by Joel Grasmeyer (USA)

Resources "Aircraft Noise"

DICKSON (2013): ICAO Noise Standards (Presentation, PDF)
ICAO: Reduction of Noise at Source
FAA: Noise & Emissions
FAA: Stage 5 [ICAO Chapter 14] Airplane Noise Standards Adopted (PDF)
EASA: CS-36 / Amendment 4 "Aircraft Noise"
EASA Certification Noise Levels (noise database, Excel files)
DGAC (France): Noise Certification Database
ICAO Annex 16, Volume 1 "Aircraft Noise", 2011 (PDF, 228 pages, user:student, PW:?)
DEPITRE (2006): EPNdB Metric (Presentation, PDF)

LAST UPDATE:  05 April 2024
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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