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Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO)

Forschungsgruppe Flugzeugentwurf und -systeme

AERO is part of the Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science and of the Strategic Research Area Mobility & Transport.

AERO's Mission Statement:
AERO's aim is to guide research assistants to cooperative dissertations
and to conduct projects in research, development and teaching.

Emphasis of AERO's Work:

  • Aircraft Design
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Mechanics
AERO's Current Projects: AERO's Finished Projects:
  • Airport 2030 - WP 4.1 - Evolutionary Aircraft Configurations
  • OPerA - Optimization in Preliminary Aircraft Design
  • TOC - Take-Off Calculation
  • PAHMIR - Preventive Aircraft Health Monitoring for Integrated Reconfiguration
  • CARISMA - Aircraft Cabin and Cabin System Refurbishing - Optimization of Technical Processes
  • MOZART - Health Monitoring von Brennstoffzellensystemen in der Luftfahrt
  • ALOHA - Aircraft Design for Low Cost Ground Handling
  • Green Freighter - Green Freighter
  • FLECS - Functional Model Library of the Environmental Control Systems
  • EPMA - European Postgraduate Master in Aeronautical Engineering
AERO's Short Courses:

AERO's Presentation:
*.pdf Aero_PRE_13-12-01.pdf  (7.3M)

AERO's Presentation in the Booklet "75 Years of Aeronautical Engineering Teaching in Hamburg":
*.pdf Aero_ART_Festschrift-FZT-sammel_10-06-04.pdf  ( 11M)  deutsch and englisch

AERO's Contact Details:

AERO - Prof. Dr. Scholz
HAW Hamburg, Berliner Tor 9, D-20099 Hamburg
phone  + 49 - 40 - 42875 - 8825 to -8828
phone + 49 - 40 - 42875 - 8829
Building D, Room 217 and 218
How to find AERO

See us on:  Show AERO on LinkedIn

AERO's Results:

  • Papers and other publications: Available from the respected project web page (see above)
  • Reports @ AERO: All other output from the group
  • News @ AERO: Reports about what's going on here (update peinding)
  • Digital Library: Projects and theses supervised in the group
  • Books @ AERO, Papers @ AERO: Books & Papers bought for our work
  • Pictures of our Office
  • AERO works with almost 100% Third-Party Funds
  • AERO has brought 1 620 000 EUR to the university with finished and current projects
  • AERO has guided projects worth 2 889 000 EUR together with it's partners

Server @ AERO:

AERO's mark on Google Maps is close to the entrance of the building (please zoom in). Use either staircase or elevator. Go up to second floor (above the machine hall) and follow the sign with the A320 simulator to AERO's office.

Head of AERO:
Scholz Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter SCHOLZ, MSME
e-mail, phone -8825, room: D/218
phone  +49-40-18119881 (home office)
>>> Publications <<< (university page, since 2010)
Publications (home page, complete)

PhD Students @ AERO:
Johanning Dipl.-Ing. Andreas JOHANNING
>>> Publications <<<
Project: Airport2030
Topic: Smart Turboprop
Employment: 05/2011 to 01/2014
Topic: Integration von Ökobilanzen in den Flugzeugvorentwurf
Scholarship: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
Contract: 02/2014 to 01/2016
PhD Student at TUM

Gerdes Dipl.-Ing. Mike GERDES
>>> Publications <<<
Project: PAHMIR
Employment: 06/2008 to 06/2011
Contract: 05/2015 to 11/2015
PhD Student at LiU
Today: Self-employed und part time engineer at Philotech
Ramachandran Karunanidhi RAMACHANDRAN, M.Sc.
>>> Publications <<<
Project: PreSTo
Lecturers @ AERO
Dr.-Ing. Danyck Nguewo (FM1, FM2)
Dipl.-Ing. Claus Cordes, Captain A380 (Aircraft Operation in FML)
Dipl.-Ing. Till Marquardt (FPR-FM)
Dipl.-Ing. Andrej Polischuk (FS, Part A321)
All lecturers are taking over teaching responsibilities from Prof. Scholz.

Student Assistants @ AERO
Current student assistant(s): Aurel Beheschti.

Students @ AERO
Students conducting a project or thesis.

Alumni @ AERO
Alumni are our past research assistants and student assistants.

English is our main language in the team. Often German, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish, French, Russian and Polish can be heard as well. AERO provides a home for HAW Hamburg and exchange students alike and is proud of its team spirit!

Snapshots at lunchtime: employees, PhD students, students working on a project or thesis @ AERO together with some (international) students from the lecture Aircraft Design

Summer Semester 2016
Students SS-2016

Summer Semester 2015
Students SS-2015

Summer Semester 2014
Students SS-2014

Summer Semester 2013
Student & Employees SS-2013

LAST UPDATE:  18 December 2016
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz
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