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Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO)


Alumni: Former Research Assistants
Urseanu Dipl.-Ing. Liana Urseanu (BSc)
Airport2030 and PreSTo (09/2013 to 01/2014)
Nita Dr.-Ing. Mihaela Niţă (Man)
>>> Publications <<<
CARISMA with contract: 10/2008 to 09/2010.
OPerA with support: Pro Exzellenzia: 10/2010 to 05/2012. Article: Impetus-2011, Impetus-2013a.
Former PhD Student at UPB. Article: Impetus-2013b, HAB-2014-01-21.

Dissertation published at "Verlag Dr. Hut, München" (download from OPerA).
Further career steps: Engineer at LH Aviation.

Sousa Dipl.-Ing. Ricardo Caja Calleja, MSc
>>> Publications <<<
Airport2030 (03/2013 - 08/2013)
Topic: Box Wing Aircraft
Sousa Tahir Sousa, B.Tech (Hons.)
>>> Publications <<<
Airport2030 and PreSTo (09/2012 - 07/2013)
Contract: 09/2012 to 07/2013
Barua Priyanka Barua, B.Tech (Hons.)
Airport2030 (09/2012 - 07/2013)
Schiktanz Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schiktanz, MSc
>>> Publications <<<
Airport2030 (08/2011 to 07/2012)
Topic: Box Wing Aircraft
Radic Dipl.-Ing. Marko Radic
Exchange PhD Student from University of Belgrade
Airport2030 (12/2011 to 06/2012)
RicoSanchez Dipl.-Ing. Diana Rico Sánchez
ALOHA (04/2010 to 02/2011)
Krammer Dipl.-Ing. Philip Krammer, MSc
>>> Publications <<<
Airport2030 and ALOHA (12/2008 to 09/2010)
Further career steps: University of Cambridge, University College London.
Seeckt Dipl.-Ing. Kolja Seeckt
>>> Publications <<<
Green Freighter (11/2006 to 04/2010)
Cooperative Licentiat at KTH
Licentiat Thesis available as PDF.
Further career steps: Lecturer at the Public School for Production and Aviation Technology (G15) in Hamburg.
Koberg Dipl.-Ing. Torben Koberg
MOZART (10/2009 to 01/2010)
Gomez Dipl.-Ing. Francisco Gómez Carrasco
>>> Publications <<<
ALOHA (11/2007 to 06/2009)
Matalla Dipl.-Ing. Christian Matalla
EPMA (05/2007 to 03/2008)
Mueller Dr. Christian Müller
>>> Publications <<<
FLECS and Simulation: Hydraulic Reservoir Air Pressurization (09/2005 to 03/2008)
Further career steps: Team Leader "Test and Simulation" at Silver Atena.


Alumni: Former Student Assistants:
Johann Metzger,
Mahmud Mir, Alain Chahine, Daniel Marciano,
James Murray, Dennis Paape,
Daniel Schiktanz, Patrick Carter, Matthias Koppe,
Andreas Johanning, Maria Pester, Sönke Burger, Justin Müller,
Marcin Bazydlo, Alexander Golberg, Philippe Montarnal (via Bishop GmbH),
Diana Rico Sánchez, Pablo Villalba Villar, Erik Chowson, Alexander Springorum, Oliver Meier, Carsten Ebmeyer,
Dominik Bauer, Sebastian Ahlefelder, Philip Krammer, Barbro Scholz.

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