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Aircraft Design -
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for Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU)

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Videos about Aircraft Design and this OER

Aircraft Design @ HOOU - Teaser
German, English subtitles (2016)

Aircraft Design @ HOOU - Introduction

Aircraft Design @ HOOU - Interview
Prof. Scholz, German (2016)

Aircraft Design @ HOOU - Interview
Prof. Scholz, English (2016)

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Start to Learn with this Hotspot Picture

Get started with Aircraft Design by learning about the main parts of an aircraft.
Click on (+) to get a Definition of the related aircraft component and follow the links to Wikipedia and NASA to learn more.
Click on the Hotspot (+) which is up in the air in the picture for an Introduction!!!
Look at NASA's Overview of Aircraft Parts.
The picture shows an Emirates Airbus A340-300 (source).


Lecture Notes

Since 2017-03-24 almost all PDF-files are password protection due to actual, possible, or perceived copyright issues. User: student. PW: ?

Dieter SCHOLZ: Aircraft Design
Chapter Titel Number of Pages PDF Remarks
  Title Page 2 *.pdf Available without password.
  Contents 4 *.pdf Available without password.
1 Introduction 7 *.pdf  
2 Aircraft Design Sequence 6 *.pdf  
3 Requirements and Certification 6 *.pdf  
4 Aircraft Configurations 11 *.pdf  
5 Preliminary Sizing 32 *.pdf  
6 Fuselage Design 21 *.pdf  
7 Wing Design 43 *.pdf  
8 High Lift Systems and Maximum Lift Coefficients 21 *.pdf  
9 Empennage General Design 16 *.pdf  
10 Mass and Center of Gravity 24 *.pdf  
11 Empennage Sizing 29 *.pdf  
12 Landing Gear Conceptual Design and Integration 13 *.pdf Author: Bernd Trahmer.
13 Drag Prediction 16 *.pdf  
14 Design Evaluation / DOC 32 *.pdf  
  References 3 *.pdf Available without password.
  Sum: 286    
Appendix A Estimating the Oswald Factor from Basic Aircraft Geometrical Parameter 35 *.pdf One step to a realistic drag polar (induced drag). Available without password.
Appendix B Calculation of Wave Drag, Relative Wing Thickness, Fuselage Nose Length 12 *.pdf Another step to a realistic drag polar (wave drag), estimating relative wing thickness, and fuselage nose length. Available without password.
  Sum, Appendix: 47    
Summary Aircraft Design in a Nutshell 25 *.pdf Please make much use of this file to get prepared for the examination. Available without password.
Examination Examination in the Short Course Aircraft Design 5 *.pdf Available without password.
Solution Solution for the Examination in the Short Course Aircraft Design 19 *.pdf Please check your own results based on what is written here. Available without password.

Please see the Aircraft Design page with "official pictures" of teams taking this OER as a short course.


Aircraft Design Videos in my Playlists on YouTube

Test Your Aircraft Design Knowledge

Author: Dieter Scholz

STAND:  19 April 2017
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