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Publikationsprozess AERO

Documentation Quality - Archiving and Dissemination

Documentation Quality is about: 1.) research methods, 2.) scientific writing, 3.) document archiving and dissemination. This is about No 3: Summing up: This Repository uses various offers available outside HAW Hamburg. Documents and their content is prepared to be ...
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Report Preparation for Delivery

The report (for the project, Bachelor or Master thesis) has to meet (up to date) publication standards:
  1. The report has to have a Uniform Resource Name (URN)
  2. Research data (calculations, data, statistics) going along with the report has to be published before the report is finalized and has to be identified with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  3. The report has to have a Documentation Page located behind the Title Page(s) and before the Abstract. The Documentation Page shows text in which the actual URN - and DOI(s) if applicable - are embedded.
  4. Metadate describing the report formally has to be generated.


1) A Uniform Resource Name (URN) for the Report

You have to use a Uniform Resource Name (URN) for the report. A URN is a persistent identifier that will never break (if properly maintained), so that anyone can always refer to this name. You will later link to your report e.g. like this: http://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2017-12-13.019 . This is an example of a URN as used by Prof. Scholz at HAW Hamburg:


The URN is part of the URL (the link). The last digit is called check digit. The date in the URN (above: 2017-12-13) is the delivery date of your report (as given on its front page). This is the date you (intend to) submit your report. Get your unique URN and put it into your report:

Buttom CalculateURN


2) Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for Published Research Data

Also the DOI is a persistent identifier that will never break (if properly maintained), so that you can always refer to this name. Prof. Scholz will store your research data for you in Harvard Dataverse. You will later link to your research data e.g. like this: http://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/2HMEHB . This is an example of a DOI from Harvard Dataverse:


The DOI is part of the URL (the link). If you do not have any reseach data to publish, you can skip this point.


3) Documentation Page

Get the template:
Word TitleAndDocumentationPage.docx    Size:  822K
The template is for a project, but the documentation page would be the same also for a thesis. Put the generated URN and the DOI (if you have research data) into the documentation page!


4) Submit Metadata

Some data is in German. Skip this (input xxx in the form), if you are not able to provide this data.

This is what needs to be considered / provided to me:

4.1) 3 Dewey Decimal Classifications (DDC) and 3 related German "Sachschlagwörter" (GND) [also called: Sachschlagwort (SWS)] from:
PDF/A Klassifikation_DDC_629.13.pdf    Size:  374K
Select e.g. 2 from the scientific field and one from the aircraft type under consideration.

4.2) One more (Nr. 4) Sachschlagwort (GND) (to give more freedome to describe everything of importance).

4.3) A class from Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK):
PDF/A Klassifikation_RVK_ZO7000.pdf    Size:  231K

4.4) 4 Standardized English Keywords from FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) / Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). See Link below!

All the data will be on the Landing Page for the report in the end. It will be available for Google & Google Scholar and will be used for the uploads into the DNB and into the Repository in Hannover.
Example: LandingBurzlaff.html

Basic Document and Personal Data
Family Name:
Given Name:
E-Mail Address (for feedback on your input):
Title of Report:
Submitted, Year (JJJJ):
Submitted, Month (MM):
Submitted, Day (DD):
Universal Resource Name (URN)
URN (as generated):
Classification and Keywords
DDC, Nr. 1:
GND Sachschlagwort (German), Nr 1:
DDC, No 2:
GND Sachschlagwort (German), Nr 2:
DDC, No 3:
GND Sachschlagwort (German), Nr 3:
GND Sachschlagwort (German), Nr 4:
Free Keywords (Ger or Eng), separated by comma:
Comments and Research Data Description
General Comment:
Details about Research Data:
Research Data
(CTRL button for multiple selection):


Hints on Metadata

Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) deutsch
DNB: Einführung in die Dewey-Dezimalklassifikation
WebDewey Search pin

Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND) u.a. mit Sachschlagwörtern (SWS) deutsch
DNB: Einführung in die Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND)
Online Suche nach Sachschlagwörtern - Eingabe des Stichwortes pin
Online Suche nach Sachschlagwörtern - Eingabe der DDC (DDC-Eingabe im Link!) pin

Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) deutsch
RVK Online

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) via FAST - Standardized English Keywords englisch
OCLC: Introduction: FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
Manual selection of FAST Subjects based on autosuggest technology pin   (Help on usage)


Resolving of URNs and DOIs

URN Resolver (form input):
http://nbn-resolving.org/resolve_urn.htm (URN Search)
http://nbn-resolving.org/resolve_url.htm (URL Search)
https://admin.nbn-resolving.org/search.htm (URN Search) pin Start searching at: urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero
https://admin.nbn-resolving.org/search.htm?method=showSearchUrls (URL Search)

URN Resolving (URL input, example):
https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2017-12-13.019 (URN Linking to URL)
https://nbn-resolving.org/html/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2017-12-13.019 (URN only Showing URL - add "html/" into the link above)

URN Resolving (URL input, example):
https://portal.dnb.de/opac.htm?&query=urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2017-12-13.019 (URN Linking to DNB dataset)


DOI Resolving (DOI Input in URL; Example):
https://doi.org/10.15488/2553 (DOI Linking to URL)

Alternatively: DOI Resolving via NBN (DOI Input in URL;Example)
https://nbn-resolving.org/doi:10.15488/2553 (DOI Linking to URL)
https://nbn-resolving.org/html/doi:10.15488/2553 (DOI only Showing URL - add "html/" into the link above)

DOI Search @ DataCite (input into form)
https://search.datacite.org (input of title or DOI)

DOI Search @ DataCite (input attached to link)
https://search.datacite.org/works/10.15488/2553 (input of DOI)


ARK Resolving (ARK input attached to link; Example):

ARK Shows Metadata (ARK Input in URL with ? or ??; Example):


N2T.net as Universal Resolver: https//n2t.net/scheme:[/]naan/string
"N2T.net is a kind of URL shortener for persistent identifiers."
For details see: https://n2t.net/e/compact_ids.html and https://n2t.net/e/n2t_apidoc.html
Examples of scheme: ARK, DOI, URN, HDL:
https://n2t.net/ark:/13960/t21c9gb80 also this works without "/": https://n2t.net/ark:13960/t21c9gb80
https://n2t.net/doi:10.15488/4316 instead of https://doi.org/10.15488/4316
https://n2t.net/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2018-08-31.016 instead of https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2018-08-31.016
https://n2t.net/hdl:/2299/5809 instead of https://hdl.handle.net/2299/5809


DOI Search for Open Access Version of Paper
Install  in  Browser: http://unpaywall.org
Same but as Resolver: http://api.oadoi.org/10.1038/nature21360
Alternative Resolver: http://doai.io/10.1038/nature21360


Producing PDF/A

The PDF is not produced with the "Print"-Menue, but with "Save As". From there "PDF or XPS" is selected. Further options to select are shown in the screen shot below.



The Logo

Logo Landing Page

The logo is the symbol for a landing aircraft. It links to the topic of this repository: "aviation". Moreover, the logo stands here for the collection of landing pages. Landing pages contain the (machine-readable) metadata to feed especially Google Scholar. As such, landing pages are key for the documents to be precisely found on the Internet Also Google Custom Search - searching locally in this repository - depends to a large extend on what is contained on the landing pages.


More Hints on Report Preparation from a Workshop: EWADE

Archiving Strategy (written for EWADE)
Information for Authors: Producing PDF/A (written for EWADE)


LAST UPDATE:  05 March 2019
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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