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FLECS - Functional Model Library of the Environmental Control System

FLECS was a joint research project. Partners in this project were in addition to the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), also the company CeBeNetwork based in Bremen and Airbus with its Hamburg office. The HAW was acting as project leader.

The project's aim was to support design activities for innovative air conditioning systems in future passenger aircraft. In order to achieve this, a model library based on the commercial standard software MATLAB/Simulink was programmed. The library contains simulation models of all relevant components that can be found in the air conditioning system and thermally relevant components in the aircraft cabin. The model library supports design engineers to find optimum configurations for air conditioning systems that improve passenger comfort with respect to temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow velocities.

HAW Hamburg was financially supported in this project with a grant from the government of Hamburg (Behörde für Wirtschaft und Arbeit). CeBeNetwork received funding from the government of Bremen. Beyond 16 October 2007 Airbus provided funding for FLECS at the HAW for 5 more month.

In total 2.5 member of staff worked on this project with further support by many students.

Publications are listed on the German page.


Samples from the Library Documentation

item Documentation of the library component "Flow Resitance"

*.pdf FR_.pdf     Size:   69K

item Basic library components:
Basic FLECS Components

item Detailed library components:
Detailed FLECS Components

LAST UPDATE:  02 June 2018
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