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PAHMIR - Preventive Aircraft Health Monitoring for Integrated Reconfiguration

Reconfiguration, Error Detection and Diagnostic Systems for the Aircraft Cabin and Cabin Systems

PAHMIR (also called: Predictive Health Monitoring for Aircraft Systems) was a joint research project. The duration was nominal 3 years. The research grant was given to the university on 01.01.2008. The project ended on 30.06.2011.


MTTC This research project consists of two topics in the area of aircraft cabins and cabin systems that are strongly related to one another:
a) the reconfiguration of cabins, cabin modules and components
b) error detection and diagnostic systems for preventive maintenance of cabin systems.

Both technologies are enabled today due to the availability of small, powerful and inexpensive sensors that can be used
a) to automatically identify and manage different cabin configurations and
b) to build error detection and diagnostic systems also economical for smaller (less expensive) components in cabin systems.

The tasks of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in the research cooperation with Airbus was:
1.) basic studies based on in-service data,
2.) general research on cabin reconfigurations and
3.) the development of a demonstrator of an error detection and diagnostic system that has to be installed into the Maintenance Technology Test Center (MTTC) (see picture) at Airbus, Hamburg.


a) increase airline revenues through cabin reconfiguration and
b) decrease maintenance costs through preventive maintenance - enabled by employing error detection and diagnostic systems. MTTC


Finances and Employees

The HAW-Part in PAHMIR (195900 EUR) was financed by LuFo HH, a programme of the government of Hamburg, the Ministry for Economics and Labour (Behörde für Wirtschaft und Arbeit - BWA). The grant was administered by the Projektträger Luftfahrtforschung und -technologie, DLR for the BWA and the Hamburg Innovation GmbH for the HAW Hamburg.

Researcher in full time employment for PAHMIR was Dipl.-Ing. Mike Gerdes.

STAND:  02 June 2018
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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