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Airbus A320

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The Airbus A320 has been modeled merely from a few parameters found at Wikipedia with OpenVSP-Connect. OpenVSP-Connect adds "expert" default data and converts to the OpenVSP Version 2 parametric aircraft data format (*.vsp). OpenVSP supports export of its parametric 3D aircraft data to the X3D standard.


Available Files

*.xlsm OpenVSP-Connect_A320.xlsm     Size:  1.3M

*.vsp A320.vsp     Size:  109K

*.x3d A320.x3d     Size:  373K

*.jpg A320-4view.jpg     Size:  241K

*.jpg A320.jpg     Size:   33K

*.jpg A320.png     Size:   84K    (1000px x 1000px)

*.jpg A320.pdf     Size:  331K    (produced with Acrobat Pro)
Download file with right-click on this link and Save As .... Open in Acrobat Reader!

*.jpg LaTeX-3D-Aircraft.pdf     Size:  273K    (produced with LaTeX and the multimedia inclusion package media9)
Download file with right-click on this link and Save As .... Open in Acrobat Reader!


Experimental Files and Display

*.vsp3 A320.vsp3 (Import A320.vsp of Version 2 into tool OpenVSP Version 3 saved as A320.vsp3)     Size:  239K

*.x3d A320_fromVersion3.x3d     Size:   71K

Show A320 with X3D file from OpenVSP Version 3

More from Version 2:

*.vsp A320.stl     Size:  2.7M

*.vsp A320.tri     Size:  399K

*.vsp A320.obj     Size:  837K

*.vsp A320.u3d     Size:  222K

STAND:  28 April 2020
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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