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Just pointing to others does not generate information on the web. Nevertheless, I also have some special sites to share. "Special" will say: lots of "real" information is waiting ... enjoy!

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link deutsch Fernsehzeitschrift von ''

General Links for Aviation

CRANE Dictionary
link Online Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms

link englisch Aviation Safety Knowledge: Skybrary
      englisch Aircraft
      englisch Publications
      englisch Ground Operations
         englisch ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code
         englisch Airplane Design Group (ADG)

link englisch EUROCONTROL ATM Lexicon
link deutsch Zivile Luftfahrt
link deutsch
link englisch Landings

Aviation News

link Flight International
link Aviation Week
link deutsch AERO International - Das online Portal der Zivilluftfahrt
link Aviation International News (AIN)
link IHS Jane's Airport Review (Global developments in aviation security, air traffic control, airport equipment and general industry news)
link The Aviation Herald (Crashes, Accidents, Icidents, News, Reports)
link Aviation Safety Network (Accident Reports)

Aviation Books, Specs & Manuals

link Wiley Online Library - Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering

link - Access to over 55000 specifications, standards, handbooks : Military, DoD, Federal, NASA, DOE, and Government

link Pilot Operating Handbooks

link Aircraft and Engine Manuals

Aircraft >>> Airfoil >>> Coefficients

link Which Airfoil on which Aircraft?
link Airfoil Coordinate Database
link Airfoil Tools: searching, plotting, comparing airfoil data
link Calculating Coefficients from Airfoil Coordinates with XFOIL

Software for Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design

link Software compiled by W.H. Mason, Virginia Tech

Aviation and Aircraft Data

Aviation Data:
link U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT), Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)

Aircraft Data:
link HAW Hamburg: Datenbank mit Entwurfsdaten für Passagierflugzeuge (deutsch)
link CeRAS (Central Reference Aircraft data System)
link Civil Aviation Database (deutsch)
link Aircraft Specs and Performance Data
link Zivile Luftfahrt
link Virtual Aircraft Museum
link Aircraft Museum
link Type Certificate Data Sheets in the Regulatory and Guidance Library produced by the FAA

Aircraft and Engine Data:
link Civil Jet Aircraft Design - Data Sets

Engine Data:
Data for some Civil Gas Turbine Engines
Civil Turbojet/Turbofan Specifications

Aircraft and Systems Data:
link The Ultimated Collection of Airplane Related Documents

Three-Views & Pictures:
link Airplane Three-View-Drawings
link Elodie Roux: Airplane Three-View-Drawings
link Boeing: Airplane Three-View-Drawings in AutoCAD Format (convert .dwg & .dxf with one of the many online converters)
link Airbus: Airplane Three-View-Drawings in AutoCAD Format (convert .dwg & .dxf with one of the many online converters)

Generally includes Payload-Range Diagrams
link Airbus and separate: Airbus A220
link Boeing
link Bombardier
link Embraer 190, Embraer 170, Embraer 175
link ATR 42-600 & ATR 72-600
For other aircraft google for "airport planning" and the manufacturer's or aircraft name.

Aircraft Types:
link B737
link Sud Aviation Cravelle
link Fokker
link VFW 614
link MPC 75

Flight Decks:
link Flight Decks

Other Things of Interest:

Update of the links up to here on 2017-04-14 & 2018-12-26

Learning Material Online

link Ilan Kroo: Aircraft Design: Synthesis and Analysis

link FAA: Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook - Airframe

link Dragan Kozulovic: Flugantriebe (E-Book)

link Lehrerhandreichung "Fliegen" von DFS und Klett Verlag

link Aerodynamics for Students

link Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook

link NASA SP-367: Introduction to the Aerodynamics of Flight

link Prof. W.H. Mason (Virginia Tech): AOE 4124 Configuration Aerodynamics

link Learning Technologies Project (LTP): Aeronautics Resources
logoNASA logoFoilSim
link Interactive Calculation of Airfoils

link Principles of Aeronautics
link Flight Theory
link Flight Performance
link Propeller Aircraft Performance
link Aircraft Propulsion

link NASA Science Education Resources
link Website of aerospace students from the Delft University of Technology

Literature and Facts



link AERADE provides access to key aerospace information sources.


Magazines Online

link Airbus Industrie: The Technical Magazine "FAST" (from FAST #64)
Archive up to FAST #58 and FAST A380
Archive up to FAST #58 including Title Page Icons
Separate Recent FAST Articles

link Boeing: The Technical Magazine "Aero"

DLR Magazin
link DLR Magazin (deutsch)

link DLR-Nachrichten (deutsch) (Bis 2005 aus dem

link ICAO Journal
link VC Info (Mitgliedermagazin der Vereinigung Cockpit)

Professional Aviation News Groups

link sci.aeronautics
link sci.aeronautics.airliners

Links for Pilots

link The Internet Pilot Planning Centre of the Norwegian Aeronautical Information System
link NOTAM Service
link World Aeronautical Database
link A-Z World Airports Online
link General Aviation in Europe
link International Flight Information Manual

Links for Airframe Mechanics

link Mechanics Airframe Handbook
link Aerodynamics, Structure, and Aircraft Systems

Links for Aerodrome Operators

link ICAO Annex 14 Aerodromes, Vol. 1 & 2 --- and much more


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