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Lecture Aircraft Design

I teach Aircraft Design in two lectures:
  1. The main lecture Aircraft Design (4 SWS) is part of the Bachelor Degree with emphasis on "Design and Lightweight Structures".
  2. An introduction to Aircraft Design (1.5 SWS) is part of the lecture "Aircraft Projects" in the Bachelor Degree with emphasis on "Cabin and Cabin Systems".
This page serves both lectures. However it is the main lecture that is depicted.

Table of Contents

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General Information

The lecture aircraft design is a compulsory part of the advanced studies in aeronautical engineering at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
Course "Number":
Credit Hours:
4 (scheduled for the 6th semester)


Teaching Objectives

Table of Contents


Introduction and Fundamentals

 1 Introduction

 2 Design Sequence

 3 Requirements and Regulations

 4 Aircraft Configurations

Preliminary Sizing

 5 Preliminary Sizing 

Conceptual Design

 6 Fuselage Design

 7 Wing Design

 8 High Lift Systems and Maximum Lift Coefficients

 9 Empenage Design I 
10 Weight and Balance

11 Empenage Design II    

12 Landing Gear Integration

13 Drag Polar and Drag Prediction

14 Design Evaluation

15 References


item Spread Sheet for Aircraft Preliminary Sizing
*.xls A-C_Preliminary_Sizing.xls (EXCEL Spread Sheet)     Changed on:  29 March 2017,     Size::  160K

LAST UPDATE:  16 March 2010
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz
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