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Pilot Measures against Cabin Air Contamination

Lukas Stichternath

Purpose This thesis tries to improve the situation of pilots in a Cabin Air Contamination Event (CACE) by increasing awareness through added information. Pilot activities in a CACE center around getting information about the level of contamination, applying checklists, and troubleshooting procedures, and if necessary, descending to 10000 ft. --- Methodology Starting from the results of previous work at HAW Hamburg information available on the Internet was reviewed. Information from manuals available to pilots was added from own sources or also discovered on the Internet. --- Findings Sensors are necessary to help pilots to identify a CACE. Handheld sensors can be used without any delay today. Fixed sensors placed at various positions in the air conditioning system yield earlier warning and allow better trouble shooting. Suitable markers like formaldehyde have been identified. Suitable sensors are available. An electrical nose can recognize a pattern of substances and can distinguish e.g. engine oil from hydraulic fluid contamination. Although checklists dedicated to CACEs could guide pilots much better, if circumstances and the known smell already indicate a bleed air related problem, few airlines seem to use dedicated CACE related checklists. If a fire on board can be ruled out, descending to 10000 ft for direct cabin ventilation and cruise to the next alternate can prevent damage to passenger and crew health from otherwise continued flight at altitude with contaminated cabin air. --- Research limitations The investigation is based on a limited number of emergency checklists. Information is limited about sensors of marker substances for cabin air contamination. --- Practical implications Knowledge about CACEs can help pilots to make a better suited informed decision rather than following a smoke checklist blindly. Pilots are given hints what type of sensors to buy. A suitable sensor adds further to making an informed decision in a CACE. --- Originality This seems to be the first scientific discussion of pilot measures in a CACE.

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Type of work: Bachelor Thesis
Advisor / Examiner:Dieter Scholz
Published by:Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO), Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
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Keywords, German (GND): Luftfahrt,   Luftfahrzeug,   Passagierflugzeug,   Flugzeugkabine
Keywords, English (LCSH): Aeronautics,   Airplanes,   Air--Pollution,   Aircraft cabins
Keywords, free: Luftverschmutzung, Flugbetrieb, Smoke, Air conditioning, Air pilots, Detectors, Checklists, Fume, Emergency, Luftverschmutzung, Smoke, Air conditioning, Air pilots, Detectors, Checklists, fume, emergency, cabin air, contamination, event, CACE
DDC: 629.13,    629.133340423,    629.13445,    363.7392
RVK: ZO 7215

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STICHTERNATH, Lukas, 2021. Pilot Measures against Cabin Air Contamination. Bachelor Thesis. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO). Available from: https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2021-02-03.012 [viewed YYYY-MM-DD].

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