It is good, when researchers cite each other. Even better, if research results have a "real impact" in society.
Altmetric (= alternative ways to measure) tries to measure and display exactly this: "real impact".

Altmetric shows mentions well on:
   Twitter (Posts are made on AERO's account at Twitter),
   Facebook, but only, if the page is registered with Altmetric (Post are made on AERO's account at Facebook),
   YouTube in comments, but only, if the page is registered with Altmetric (Posts are made in the Info-Box under AERO's HOOU-Video),
   Mendeley, if users have copied a title into their library.
   I ingest metadata of the publications into my personal Mendeley library and allow Mendeley to share the references anonymously on its Web Catalog.

Altmetric shows mentions on:
   reddit, but only, if the Sub-Reddit is registered with Altmetric.
   Unfortuantely, the only suitable Sub-Reddit for us "Aeronautics" has no activity and the bot deleted all my posts with thesis mentions. Forget it!

   LinkedIn NO SUPPORT (I post to AERO's alumni group; member login required.)
   ResearchGate NO SUPPORT
   Altmetric claims PUBPEER would work, but admits: "only for CrossRef DOIs". We have DOIs from DataCite. Hence, it does not work.
How Altmetric works
What Altmetric claims to pick up

D. Scholz

03/2019, update 01/2020, update 05/2020, update 12/2021