It is good, when researchers cite each other. Even better, if research results have a "real impact" in society.
Altmetric (= alternative ways to measure) tries to measure and display exactly this: "real impact".

Altmetric shows mentions on:
   Twitter (Posts are made on AERO's account at Twitter)
   Facebook, but only, if the page is registered with Altmetric (Post are made on AERO's account at Facebook)
   Mendeley, if users have copied a title into their library.
   (To see mentions in the open group "AERO" a general login to Mendeley is required.)

Unfortunately, Altmetric has not picked up my posts made on:
   LinkedIn NO SUPPORT (Posts are made to AERO's alumni group; member login required.)
   PUBPEER NO SUPPORT RIGHT NOW (Enter the DOI at PUBPEER to display comment to article) 
   CiteULike NO SUPPORT.
   reddit SO FAR NO SUPPORT of Sub-Reddit "Aeronautics". I post only the English titles. 

   ResearchGate NO SUPPORT
How Altmetric works,
What Altmetric claims to pick up and
When Altmetric started and ended tracking various sources.

D. Scholz