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An EcoLiner has been modeled with OpenVSP-Connect based on own ideas and input paramerters. The eco efficient, slow, medium range aircraft for 200 passengers, cruise Mach number 0.5, high wing, conventional tail, 4 turboprop engines with extra large propellers (for high propeller efficiency; twice the normal diameter), high aspect ratio wing (aspect ratio: 20), landing gear retracted (Now Show).


Available Files

*.xlsm OpenVSP-Connect_EcoLiner.xlsm     Size:  1.3M

*.vsp EcoLiner.vsp     Size:  109K

*.x3d EcoLiner.x3d     Size:  621K

*.jpg EcoLiner-4view.jpg     Size:  210K

*.jpg EcoLiner.jpg     Size:   45K

STAND:  03 April 2020
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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