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AGARD: Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary (MAD)

Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary in 10 languages: English (with definitions), French, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish and Russian accompanied by a List of English Language Aeronautical Acronyms and Abbreviations with their expressions.

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NATO Research & Technology Agency (RTA)

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Download Files of the MAD
Part Content Download Size
0 Title Page, Content, Preface, How to Use the MAD *.pdf  1.968 MB
I English Definitions; Translation in Other Languish *.pdf  65.987 MB
II DE - German / Deutsch *.pdf  6.025 MB
ES - Spanish / Spanisch *.pdf  4.968 MB
FR - French / Französisch *.pdf  5.396 MB
HE - Greek / Griechisch *.pdf  6.147 MB
IT - Italian / Italiaenisch *.pdf  5.357 MB
NE - Dutch / Niederländisch *.pdf  4.471 MB
PO - Portuguese / Portugiesisch *.pdf  5.107 MB
RU - Russian / Russisch *.pdf  7.591 MB
TU - Turkish / Türkisch *.pdf  4.370 MB
III Abbreviations *.pdf  4.180 MB

Part I contains an alphabetical list of English terms, with definitions in English and the translation of each term into the other languages. Each term is given a reference number.

Part II consists of nine alphabetical lists with the expressions in the respective language, each with a reference number that refers to the equivalent expression in the English language in Part I.

Teil III contains a list of English abbreviations and explanations in English.


The Production of the AGARD Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary Using Computer Techniques
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STAND:  30.08.2023
AUTOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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