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Summary from: Flight International, 18.01.11

NASA Contract for Lockheed Martin for a Box Wing Aircraft Design

With concerns growing that tube-and-wing airliner configurations are reaching the limits of potential efficiency, NASA has awarded contracts for three companies to further investigate unconventional aircraft designs. Each of the designs is meant to reach highly ambitious environmental targets by 2025: o reducing fuel burn by 40%, o reducing nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions by 75%, o reducing noise by 42dB. Lockheed is studying the box wing aircraft design. Unlike previous Lockheed concepts for a box wing configuration, this aircraft has ultra-large bypass engines mounted on both vertical tails rather than underneath the trailing wing. Lockheed adapted one of its design concepts for a future military airlifter for the NASA project. Lockheed Martin's Box Wing Aircraft Design NASA / Lockheed Martin

LAST UPDATE:  21 June 2017
AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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