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Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Scholz, MSME

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Personal Data

 Name Dieter Scholz (at birth: Lindemann)
 Date of Birth 27 March 1961
 Place of Birth Hamburg

School Education

 1967 - 1972   Primary School in Hamburg
1972 - 1981 Gymnasium in Hamburg

Military Service

 1981 - 1982   Instandsetzungsausbildungskompanie 6/7, Unna
Instandsetzungskompanie 170, Hamburg

Studies in Mechanical Engineering

 10/82 - 07/85  Uni Hannover University of Hannover 1st to 6th Semester  
 08/85 - 07/86 Purdue Purdue University, Lafayette, USA Fall / Spring Semester  
 08/86 - 04/87 University of Hannover 7th Semester  
 05/87 - 08/87 PurduePurdue University, Lafayette, USA Summer Session Degree: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, MSME
 09/87 - 04/88 University Hannover 8th Semester Degree: Diplom-Ingenieur, Dipl.-Ing.


 05/88 - 12/92  Systems engineer at Airbus in Hamburg (at that time: MBB), preliminary design of flight control and hydraulic systems, simulation; aircraft project: MPC 75
 01/91 - 12/92 Participant of "Expert Development Programme" at Airbus. Unpayed leave for a job in Ireland (see below).
 09/91 - 07/92 QUBTemporary Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast, Department of Aeronautical Engineering.
 01/93 - 12/96 TUHH Researcher, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Department of Systems Engineering.
 4 Nov. 1997 Thesis defence, Dr.-Ing.
 since 01/97 Applied Science, Ingenieurbüro Dieter Scholz (engineering services):
  • Research and development projects,
  • Short courses for industry.
  • In the past: free lance lecturer at Airbus Technical School.
 Since 03/99 Professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering.


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AUTHOR:  Prof. Dr. Scholz

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