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Aircraft Design
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Hallo and welcome to this OER "Aircraft Design". My name is Dieter Scholz. I'm a professor here at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and responsible for the lectures Aircraft Design, Flight Mechanics with Flight Dynamics, Educational Flight Testing even, and Aircraft Systems. Our topic here is "Aircraft Design" ...


Under the following areas you can find introductory elements, general information and the link to the simulation tool.
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Introduction, learning outcomes, time needed, information about Hamburg Open Online University.

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Table of Contents


Learn the main parts of Aircraft Design based on a Hotspot Picture, find the detailed Table of Contents of this module.

Intro Video



Find instructions and links to the Aircraft Design Simulation Tool, which enables you to design your own aircraft.

Lecture Notes

Click on the zoom icon to see the picture in a bigger scale. Click on the pdf icon to open the chapter in pdf format. You can find a pdf viewer here.


Find more additional material in the appendix. If You need a short overview and the main quintessences of the lecture notes, then have a xlook into the summary. If you want to test your knowledge gained then check out the examination.
Several Approaches to Drag Estimation
Estimating the Oswald factor from basic aircraft geometrical parameters
Aircraft Design in a Nutshell
Task sheet from Short Course Aircraft Design
Sample Solution sheet to examination from Short Course Aircraft Design


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