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European Postgraduate Master in Aeronautical Engineering (EPMA)

Partner Universities

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EPMA is a new joint European postgraduate master programme for part time students. It awards a joint/double master degree. Partners in the programme are: Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge - Oostende (KHBO) and Université Bordeaux 1 (UB1). The programme responds to a European shortage of highly qualified human resources in the field of aeronautical engineering by pooling transnational expertise in those specialised fields of aeronautical engineering that are crucial to today's aeronautical development activities. Academia's and industry's expertise are combined in teaching to deliver the best of both worlds to students. This provides an international dimension for students. Target group are graduates with an aeronautical engineering (or related) degree who are working in the aeronautical industry. The participants have a minimum of 4 years of academic training (or equivalent credits) and some years of relevant industrial experience.

The development of EPMA is funded by the EU:
Agreement Number: 2006-2324/001-001; Project Number: 29782-IC-1-2005-1-DE-ERASMUS-PROGUC-1


Short Courses

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Practical Information on EPMA

The recognition of a module (worth 4 ECTS) has a work load of 100 hours (1 ECTS = 25 hours of work load) consisting of: The ratio between self study time and project work is not necessarily the same on each EPMA module. 10 EPMA modules have to be taken. This yields 40 ECTS.

The thesis accounts for another 20 ECTS. The thesis has a work load of about 500 hours.

The full EPMA programme hence consists of 60 ECTS equal to one year of full time studies. As EPMA is a part time programme, it will probably require a minimum of 3 years in order to finish with a degree.

ECTS credits are collected at HAW Hamburg. HAW Hamburg issues a transcript of records if needed. HAW Hamburg awards the joint EPMA degree together with a Diploma Supplement for all students who fulfil the EPMA requirements. The EPMA programme also offers a double degree option:

The partners have agreed to offer EPMA modules respectively short courses as shown in the following document (preliminary information):

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Publications and Presentations on EPMA

*.pdf EPMA Paper for CEAS 2007

*.pdf EPMA Presentation for CEAS 2007 on 07-09-13

*.pdf EPMA Presentation in Mexico during July 2007

*.pdf EPMA Presentation for EWADE2007 on 07-05-31


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