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Application and Selection of EPMA by the EU
For the development of EPMA, an application was prepared and sent to the European Commission as an answer to the call on ERASMUS Curriculum Development (ERASMUS CD) for a "study programme". The EPMA proposal was selected for funding by the European Union! EPMA development has to be finished and a final report to be submitted to the EU by 2009-01-15.

Abstract of Proposed Action
Main activities of the programme are: curriculum development, implementation and dissemination. This includes the development of entry tests for students, the preparation of websites for student information, tutoring and guidance, quality assurance mechanisms, accreditation, the parallel development of the programme into adult education (short courses), degree award mechanisms, promotion of EPMA among possible employers of graduates, organisation of and participation in conferences or workshops to demonstrate the products developed. Inclusion of further full and "associated partners" in order to cover the key European players in aeronautical engineering. Expected outputs of the curriculum development are: A well established master programme and an extensive well prepared, internationally known and excepted short course portfolio.


EPMA Documents

Official EU Information on EPMA
*.pdf EPMA_CD_EU-Summary.pdf

EPMA Described on one Page
*.pdf EPMA_CD_HAW-Summary.pdf

The EPMA Application and Contractual Documents
*.pdf EPMA_CD_Application.pdf
56 pages, 1.5 MB, for EPMA members only; User and Password required.

The EPMA Project Description as Part of the Application Document
*.pdf EPMA_CD_ProjectDescription.pdf pin
69 pages, 5.0 MB, for EPMA members only; User and Password required.
The "project description" is an answer to the questions found in the application in SECTION 4. The project description can also be used independently of the application. It tries to provide a general insight into what we think EPMA should be like.

Summary of the EPMA Grant Agreement (Contract with EU)
*.pdf EPMA_Grant_Agreement_summary.pdf
(29 pages, 1.8 MB, for EPMA members only; User and Password required)

The Full EPMA Grant Agreement (Contract with EU)
*.pdf EPMA_Grant_Agreement.pdf pin
(135 pages, 8.0 MB, for EPMA members only; User and Password required)

Progress Letter (instead of Progress Report)
*.pdf EPMA_ProgressLetter_07-07-21.pdf
(for EPMA members only; User and Password required)

Trilateral Partner Agreement (Contract that governs the work of the partners during EU funding for EPMA)
*.pdf EPMA_EU-PartnerAgreement_07-12-11.pdf pin
(4 pages, for EPMA members only; User and Password required)

Forms and Information on EPMA Cost Reporting
*.zip EPMA_CostReportingForms_and_Info.zip
(7 files, 0.5 MB, for EPMA members only; User and Password required)

Final Report
*.pdf EPMA_Final_Report_09-03-09.pdf pin
(for EPMA members only; User and Password required)


EPMA Minutes of Meeting

(For EPMA members only; User and Password required)

2006-12-08: EPMA Kick-Off Meeting:
*.pdf EPMA_MM_Kick-Off_06-12-08.zip  (3.0 MB)

2007-01-23: ERASMUS CD Coordinator Meeting, 2007, Brussels:
*.pdf EPMA_MM_CD-Meeting_07-01-23.zip  (1.1 MB)

2007-01-23: Bilateral Meeting KHBO-HAW, Brussels: Common work towards a trilateral contract.

2007-03-23: 2. EPMA Meeting, Université Bordeaux
*.pdf EPMA_MM_Bordeaux_07-03-23.pdf

2007-05-04: Bilateral Meeting KHBO-UB1, Oostende: Common work towards an EPMA Schedule up to 2011.
*.pdf EPMA_MM_Oostende_07-05-04.pdf

2007-05-25: 3. EPMA Meeting, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
*.pdf EPMA_MM_Hamburg_07-05-25.pdf

2007-09-05 and 2007-09-06: 4. EPMA Meeting, KHBO, Oostende:
*.pdf EPMA_MM_Oostende_07-09-05.zip  (1.0 MB)


EPMA History

2004: EUROPADS ends:
*.txt EUROPADS.txt

2004: Regions Hamburg and Aquitaine agree on creating a "Joint Master's Program in Aerospace":
*.pdf EPMA_Origin_Hamburg-Aquitaine.pdf
See last page of document!

2006-02-28: The EPMA CD-Application was sent to Brussels

2006-03-29: The EPMA CD-Application was registered in Brussels:
*.pdf EPMA_Receipt.pdf

2006-08-18: The EPMA CD-Application was selected for EU funding:
*.pdf EPMA_Selection.pdf

2006-11-16: The EPMA contract was signed by the EU Commission:
*.pdf EPMA_EU-signature.pdf

2006-11-30: The EU prefinancings for EPMA arrives at HAW


Files for an EPMA Corporate Design

(For EPMA members only; mostly User and Password required)

item High-Resolution EPMA Logo (TIF)
*.tif logoEPMA-high-resolution.tif  (1.4 MB)

item EPMA Presentation (PPT) as Template
*.ppt EPMA_Presentation_CEAS2007_07-09-13.ppt  (1.3 MB)

item EPMA Poster (PDF)
*.pdf EPMA_Poster.pdf  (0.2 MB, no password)

item EPMA Poster (Corel Draw), High Resolution
*.cdr EPMA_Poster.cdr  (25.2 MB)

item EPMA Flyer (PDF)
*.pdf EPMA_Flyer.pdf  (2.5 MB, no password)

item EPMA Flyer (Corel Draw), High Resolution
*.cdr EPMA_Flyer.cdr  (15.6 MB)


Literature Review on Joint Degrees

*.pdf FRIEDRICH_JointDegrees_DNH6-2006.pdf

Links to references in the above document:

Ref 7
Survey on Master Degrees and Joint Degrees in Europe

Relevant sections of the above document are being marked on pages 29, 35, 37 and 39:
*.pdf TAUCH_ RAUHVARGERS_Survey_on_Joint_Degrees_EUA2002.pdf

Ref 9
Recommendation on the Recognition of Joint Degrees

*.pdf EUA-2006_Guidelines_for_Quality_Enhancement_in_European_Joint_Master_Programmes.pdf

Legal issues in Europe today still cause some problems in awarding a Joint Degree. In order to fasilitate Joint Degrees the definition of a Joint Degree has been softened.

EPMA will probably not offer a "Real Joint Degree", but fulfills more than enough criteria to award simply a "Joint Degree": One degree is awarded in the name of the participating institution at which the student is registered (HAW). An additional unofficial degree certificate is awarded on behalf of the whole partnership, to testify that the programme has been developed and taught jointly. The possibility for a double degree option exists.


Common Module Development

*.pdf EPMA_Comparison_of_Composite_Modules.pdf
(0.8 MB, for EPMA members only; User and Password required)


E-Platform Design

*.pdf EPMA_Presentation_E-Platform.pdf (0.3 MB)

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