The Aircraft MPC 75

Later called: DAA92/122, Regioliner R92/122, FASA

item Background:
MPC 75: Old Design in Flight MPC 75 was a project of the German company "Deutsche Airbus". Development picked up speed in 1988 when work moved into the newly established pre-development department in Hamburg. 1988 was also the year of entry into service of the Airbus A320. "Deutsche Airbus" originated from "Messerschmidt Bölkow Blohm" (MBB). It formed part of the Airbus consortium, but was at that time still an independent company. The abbreviation "MPC" came from "MBB and Peoples Republic of China", because the project was a joint venture with the "China Aviation Technology Import-Export Corporation" (CATIC). The highly innovative aircraft aimed at the regional jet market. The marketing slogan was "MPC 75 the 80 seater for the 90th". The aircraft configuration started with a 4 abreast cabin and an open rotor propfan.


MPC 75: New Design in Flight In 1989 the aircraft changed to a 5 abreast turbofan driven rather conventional configuration. Development now followed closely experience gained from the Airbus A320. The aircraft was called "Deutsche Aerospace-Alenia-Aerospatiale" DAA 92/122 later Regioliner R92/122. In contrast to the later developed A319 (a shrink of the A320), the R92/122 was a well proportioned and optimized aircraft in its own right. It is this later variant for which data is given below.

Since 1992 the aircraft was seen as a substitute for the Fokker 100, eventually called Future Advanced Small Airliner (FASA). After a painful restructuring of the European aviation industry including Fokker's bankruptcy and the development of the Airbus A319, the Regioliner R92/122 or FASA were finally obsolete. It became clear that the time for European national projects was over - even for aircraft below the magic 100 seat class.


VFW614, G15 (Advanced Technology Demonstrator, ATD), Bremen, 2002 What is left? Airbus Germany gained a lot of know how from the project and sold some know how to the Chinese. The Fly By Wire (FBW) flight control technology accumulated in the project was later fed into a research aircraft called Advanced Technology Demonstrator ATD based on the German VFW 614. The ATD project is well documented in public (in German) with a presentation for the German Aerospace Society local branch Hamburg. However, also this impressive demonstration of German competency in flight control technology had no effect to change traditional workshare at Airbus.


item Literature:
There is only one book that deals with the aircraft project MPC 75.

ZABKA, Werner; MEHDORN, Hartmut: Technologie-Kooperation mit China : Das Beispiel Flugzeugbau. Oberhaching : Aviatic, 1997


item MPC 75 history written in FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL:
Source / Link Title Remark
14 June 1986 MBB to build Chinese propfan  
28 June 1986 (5 pages) China: rebuilding an industry Development of a propfan-powered commuter with Germany's MBB.
MPC-75 would be built in Hamburg
13 June 1987 MBB MPC-75  
24 September 1988 Delay for MPC-75 planning  
21 May 1988 Allison joins MBB/China propfan project  
08 October 1988 MPC-75 Aircaft Family: MPC-90, MPC-75, MPC-50 and Shorts FJX
08 April 1989 (page 1)
08 April 1989 (page 2)
08 April 1989 (page 3)
MPC gears up  
07 October 1989 MPC-75 Now with turbofan
18-24 April 1990 MBB/Catic offer new-look MPC75  
26 June - 02 July 1991 DASA regional jets will be based on A320 technology  
03-09 July 1991 (page 1)
03-09 July 1991 (page 2)
Reginal Jet Wars  
04-10 September 1991 (page 1)
04-10 September 1991 (page 2)
Commercial Aircraft of the World: DAA 92/122  
08-14 January 1992 DAA 92 Undergoes Testing  
04-10 March 1992 (page 1)
04-10 March 1992 (page 2)
Fokker 70 indecision sows confusion at Regioliner DASA must choose between Fokker 70 and the launch of its R92/122.
Alenia feels "perturbation".
A319 lauch is being held up.
11-17 March 1992 (page 1)
11-17 March 1992 (page 2)
Fokker and DASA closing on regional-jet alliance Fokker70, R92/122 or A319?
06-12 May 1992 DASA may reconsider Regioliner schedule  
13-19 May 1992 Regioliner delay is key to Fokker take-over R92/122
27 May - 02 June 1992 Regioliner Moves R92/122
10-16 June 1992 European regional deal moves closer Regioliner will eventually substitute today's Fokker aircraft
17-23 March 1993 Twinjet dilemma for new regional partners Future Advanced Small Airliner "FASA" replacement for R122
27 October - 02 November 1993 Commercial Airliners of the World: DAA 92/122  
SUPPLEMENT 1997 Jürgen Thomas "Father" of MPC-75 (1988-1992) and A380 (starting 1996)
2-8 April 2002 The difference in the 728 Fairchild Dornier 728 is a unique design - not based on MPC75 or R92/122


item Aircraft data from company documents:
Topic File Size Date Version Password *
Feasibility Study *.pdf  12.9M xx.07.1987 MPC 75
Aerodynamic Data Base - Table of Contents *.pdf  194K 19.06.1990 MPC 75 yes
Aerodynamic Data Base - Chapter 1 - Reference Values and Geometrical Characteristics *.pdf  1.9M 19.06.1990 MPC 75 yes
Aerodynamic Data Base - Chapter 2 - Aerodynamic Coefficients Clean Configuration *.pdf  7.5M 19.06.1990 MPC 75 yes
Aerodynamic Data Base - Chapter 3 - Aerodynamic Coefficients Flaps Extended *.pdf  1.5M 19.06.1990 MPC 75 yes
Aerodynamic Data Base - Chapter 4 - Control Surfaces Characteristics *.pdf  7.4M 19.06.1990 MPC 75 yes
Aerodynamic Data Base - Chapter 5 - Aircraft Characteristics in Flight *.pdf  7.5M 19.06.1990 MPC 75 yes
System Definition *.pdf  11.1M xx.09.1990 MPC 75 yes
MPC75 Briefing *.pdf  4.1M xx.11.1990 MPC 75 => no <=
Mass Distribution *.pdf  1.5M 18.04.1991 MPC 75 yes
Aircraft Definition Note *.pdf  0.4M 22.03.1991 X-100 yes
Aircraft Definition Note *.pdf  2.1M 22.07.1992 R92 yes
Three-View-Drawing *.pdf  1.5M 21.10.1992 R92 yes
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item More company publications:
Technical Notes on MPC 75 Systems


item Pictures of the aircraft:

MPC75: Old Design
Source: MPC 75 Feasibility Study; MPCA, Kreetslaag 10, 21129 Hamburg, Germany. July 1987. - For Public Release July 1987

MPC75: Old Design in Flight
Source: FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL 08 April 1989

MPC75: New Design in Flight
Source: MPC Aircraft GmbH: MPC 75 Briefing. MPCA, Kreetslaag 10, 21129 Hamburg, Germany. November 1990. - For Public Release

MPC75: New Design: Cockpit
Source: MPC Aircraft GmbH: MPC 75 Briefing. MPCA, Kreetslaag 10, 21129 Hamburg, Germany. November 1990. - For Public Release

MPC75: New Design: Cabin
Source: MPC Aircraft GmbH: MPC 75 Briefing. MPCA, Kreetslaag 10, 21129 Hamburg, Germany. November 1990. - For Public Release

DAA92 Undergoes Testing
Source: FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL 08-14 January 1992


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