Sunday September 26, 2004
Social programme: Macocha Abyss, Punkva Caves

14:00 Departure from hotel Continental
15:40 Visit of Punkva Caves (60 minutes) and Macoha Abyss
19:00 Return to Brno, hotel Continental

Monday September 27, 2004
8:30-9:15 Transport of participants from hotels, registration of participants, welcome coffee

Lecture session    chairman Klement Josef Presentation
9:20 Opening ceremony – Píštěk Antonín
Jančář Josef – Vice-Rektor of BUT Brno
Švejcar Jiří – Vice-Dean of FME, BUT Brno
9:40 Martinez-Val Rodrigo Educating the Aeronautical Engineer: A Historical Prespective
10:00 Whitford Ray Use of Case Studies in Aircraft Design
10:20 Coffee break  
10:40 Berry Patrick Aircraft Design at Linköping University
11:00 Rohacs Jozsef Design philosophy – important part of Aircraft Design courses
11:20 Krus Petter Systems Engineering and Computational Design Methods for Aircraft Systems
11:40 Píštěk Antonín – Director of IAE The VUT 100/200 new GA aircraft design and realization
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30 Departure to hotel Continental (on demand)
14:00 Departure from the building FME
16:00 Excursion: EVEKTOR - Aerotechnik
18:00 Social programme: Excursion: Archeoskanzen Modrá u Velehradu Dinner
21:00-22:00 Return to Brno, hotel Continental

Tuesday September 28, 2004
8:30-9:00 Transport of participants from hotels

Lecture session  chairman Martinez-Val Rodrigo Presentation
9:00 Birdsall David Software to provide estimations of Flight Equations and Flight Dynamics from Basic External Aircraft Dimensions
9:20 Gati Balazs Flight Simulator in the Aircraft Design Education
9:40 Chiesa Sergio Some activities about low cost GNC systems integration on small aerospace vehicle
10:00 Fuchs Jiří M. 4th priority of FP6 - Aerospace
10:20 Coffee break
10:40 Discussion
12:00 Conclusions of EWADE 2004
12:00 Excursion: Institute of Aerospace Engineering
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Excursion: Medlánky airport
19:00 Return to hotel Continental

Wednesday September 29, 2004
Social programme: Prague

8:00 Departure from hotel Continental to Prague
  Lunch – during transport
13:00 Sightseeing flight over Prague (aircraft L-200 Morava)
15:00 Excursion: Aviation museum Kbely
20:00 Return to Brno