1. The participants at EWADE2004 manifest their will to keep the seminar an independent forum. It could be adjunct to another meeting provided that the topic of this last is appropriate, not lasting very long, and the attendance to both events could be beneficial to the majority.
  2. To avoid interferences with major meetings, the attendees express their will to skip the EWADE seminar to odd years. So the next one should take place in 2005, preferably in May.
  3. Regarding the place of the event, the first alternative is Brussels, in late spring, close to the aeronautics days organised at Von Karman Institute. If by any reason this can not be accomplished, the second alternative is France, preferably Toulouse, hosted by Sup’Aéro and Airbus. The offer of Prof. Shustrov from Russia, stated in EWADE2002 at Linkjoping (Sweden), is also appreciated and considered. Prof. Rodrigo Martínez-Val will contact the various aforementioned institutions regarding real possibilities of arranging the meeting.
  4. The participants manifest that a flexible, non-structured organisation is better to accomplish the aims of the forum. Consequently no special support is required from EU authorities to set up a formal network.
  5. Although there are no specific journals aimed at aerospace design research or education, a number of journals are available to publish high quality papers. The participants are encouraged to do so, both in research style as in pedagogical perspective. The journals listed during the debate included: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Journal, Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Journal of Aircraft and European Journal of Engineering Education.
  6. In order to enlarge the group and to encourage institutional rather than personal participation, all attendees are requested to send to Prof. Rodrigo Martínez-Val a list of suitable Departments in their countries, with contact points.
  7. The local organising committee of EWADE2004 in Brno will prepare a CD version of all papers and viewgraphs presented. The deadline for modifications is 8 October.
(Prepared by Rodrigo Martínez-Val, at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)