CPACS/RCE Symposium
zum Bild CPACS/RCE Symposium

4. December 2012, Workshop
The workshop targets for participants interested in applying CPACS, RCE and VAMPzero. During the morning we will give a short introduction on the technologies. In the afternoon participants are invited to install the software on their own laptops and work on a guided example. It is not necessary to attend the workshop, to attend the main days of the symposium on the 5th and 6th of December.


Welcome Note B. Nagel, DLR  
10:30 Integration in RCE for CPACS M. Kunde, DLR
11:15 Integration in CPACS/VAMPzero D. Böhnke, DLR
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 “Hands-on” Demonstration All
16:00 End of Workshop  

5. December 2012, Day 1 CPACS/RCE Symposium
On the first day of the symposium an overview on the developed technologies and advancements since the first symposium is given. In the afternoon international participants give an outlook on their aircraft design activities and possible first experiences with CPACS and RCE.

10:00 Welcome Note Prof. Dr. V. Gollnick, DLR
10:15 Collaboration in Aircraft Design B. Nagel, DLR
10:45 Advances in RCE for CPACS D. Seider, DLR
11:15 Advances in VAMPzero and CPACS D. Böhnke, DLR 
11:40 Open Source Software for Aircraft Design Dr. S. Ziemer, Bauhaus Luftfahrt 
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 OpenVSP - Vehicle Sketch Pad A. Hahn, NASA Langley 
13:30 CPACS/RCE at TU Delft Dr. G. LaRocca, TU Delft
14:00 CPACS/RCE at CFSE Dr. Benoit Rey, CFS Engineering
14:30 CPACS/RCE at KTH P. Meng, KTH Stockholm
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:30 CPACS/RCE at CASSIDIAN Ö. Peterson, CASSIDIAN Air Systems 
16:00 CPACS/RCE at NPU X. Gu, NPU Xi'an 
16:30 NeoCASS Prof. Dr. S. Ricci, Politecnico di Milano
20:00 Visit of the  Gröninger Brewery  

6. December 2012, Day 2 CPACS/RCE Symposium
During the second day of the symposium the design study will be discussed. Along with the invitation flyer for the symposium a set of design requirements for a mid range aircraft for 2025 have been published. The goal is to find methods to design and assess new configurations and collaborate in aircraft design tasks. In the afternoon, participants group into different groups each discussing a single configuration and or technology. Each of the groups will elaborate on benefits and drawbacks of their configuration in respect to the design study.

10:00  Summary Day 1  D. Böhnke, DLR
10:15 Design Study Requirements B. Nagel, DLR and Prof. Dr. E. Stumpf, RWTH Aachen
11:00  Design Study Assessment Prof. Dr. D. Scholz, HAW Hamburg and Prof. Dr. E. Stumpf, RWTH Aachen
11:40  Means for Cost Reduction E. Moerland, DLR
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Configurations Group Discussion All
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:30 Group Results Group Leaders
16:30 End Day 2  

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