Dudley Collard

Mr.Collard was born in London. He emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1949.
Having obtained a B.A. in Mathematics at Reed College Portland,
Oregon he started his career in the aircraft industry in June 1955,
at AVRO aircraft in Toronto, Canada. 

In AVRO'S aerodynamics department he worked mainly on problems of heat transfer on the AVRO ARROW supersonic interceptor.

In September 1957 he moved to the Boeing Company in Seattle, working at first on certification requirements of the B 707 power plant. In February 1958 he joined the newly formed group organised to carry out supersonic transport studies. In this group he became responsible for the internal and external aerodynamics of the power plant.

In September 1962 he joined the aerodynamics department of SUD AVIATION in Toulouse France, where he started to work on the CONCORDE project.

He developed the theoretical methods used in the aerodynamic study of the aircraft. With these methods, modified where necessary following wind tunnel tests, he was able to define many of the major modifications which were made in the aircraft's evolution from prototype to production product.

Joining the Company's "Groupe Technique Concorde", after a period when he participated in a joint "Four Company" group working on engine air intake improvements; he became responsible for the overall CONCORDE aerodynamic development.

Following the end of the CONCORDE Programme he worked on Aerospatiale's second generation SST, on the Airbus A 320 and on the HERMES European space shuttle project. He was Head of Future SST studies when he retired in October 1992.