Proposing a Classification for Aeronautics, Astronautics and Aerospace Sciences

Bachelor Thesis

Autor: Gulani, Schaugar Taher

Date: 2022-10-06

Supervisor: Scholz, Dieter


Purpose This thesis presents an aerospace classification and explains its logic. The classification is checked and presented throughout the thesis in various forms. Furthermore, HTML, PDF, and Excel versions have been made available online. --- Methodology A review of aerospace classifications was conducted. A classification authored originally for the "Aims & Scope" section of the journal "Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology" (AAST) was selected and applied to the requirements from DIN 32705. --- Findings The classification from AAST was found to be the most suitable classification in the field of aerospace (aeronautics, astronautics, and aerospace sciences) thus far. It largely corresponds to the standard in terms of content and structure. Some minor changes were introduced. --- Practical implications The new classification can be used in the publishing industry in libraries and archives. It can also be used in all situations in aerospace where a logical structure of the domain is required. It could be used, for example, to structure organizations or statistical investigations. Moreover, this thesis can be used as an example for establishing other classifications according to DIN 32705. --- Originality Thus far, a standard classification does not exist in the field of aerospace. This new classification, published for the first time in this thesis, has the potential to fill this role.

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URN, the Persistent Identifier (from the German National Library) to quote this Landing Page: https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:gbv:18302-aero2022-10-06.015 pin

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HTML Aerospace_Classification.html     (https://purl.org/aero/classification/html)

PDF/A Aerospace_Classification.pdf     (https://purl.org/aero/classification/pdf)

XLSX Aerospace_Classification.xlsx     (https://purl.org/aero/classification/excel)


Associated research data: https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/MZIVRX


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PDF/A AERO_POS_DLRK2023_AerospaceClassification_2023-09-19.pdf

Persistent Identifier:
https://doi.org/10.48441/4427.1043 (Landing Page)
https://purl.org/aero/POS2023-09-19a (PDF)


Graphical Representation of Classification

Graphical representation of aerospace classification. Here: Graphic representation of "Aeronautics"

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