Development of an aircraft performance model for the prediction of trip fuel and trip time for a generic twin engine jet transport aircraft

Verfasser: Gerold Straubinger
Abgabedatum: 15.03.2000
Erster Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Scholz
Zweiter Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Flüh
Externer Betreuer: Mr. Young
University of Limerick

Diplomarbeit nach 21 der Prüfungsordnung.

Kurzreferat / Abstract

This report gives an overview of methods for aircraft performance calculations. After explaining the necessary background and the International Standard Atmosphere, it deals with a complete mission of a generic twin engine jet transport aircraft, including the required reserves of a diversion. Every part of the mission is considered. This includes climb, cruise, descent and hold. Equations for determining significant parameters of all parts are derived and differences between idealized calculations (based on mathematical performance models) and real ones (based on aircraft flight test data) are explained. A computer program has been written as a macro in Lotus 1-2-3, with data obtained during flights. In the main report simple flowcharts are given to illustrate the methods used. The program results show the required fuel and the time for an airliner of a certain weight performing a mission with a certain range. In the appendix all data and the flowcharts are provided.