Performance Assessment of Hybrid Laminar Flow Control (HLFC) Aircraft

Verfasser: Conny Schmidt
Abgabedatum: 06.07.2001
Erster Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Scholz
Zweiter Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Zingel
Externer Betreuer: Mr. Young
University of Limerick

Diplomarbeit nach 21 der Prüfungsordnung.


The application of Hybrid Laminar Flow Control (HLFC) offers the potential of significant fuel savings due to drag reduction. Since practical explorations during flights are very expensive, computer software, which models the en-route performance of jet transport aircraft, has been established. This report describes this software in detail. Furthermore, the document deals with a modification of this program by entering performance data of a typical jet transport aircraft in the general class of the Airbus A330. Of particular importance is how the information is processed and how it is made compatible to the software.

After assuring the reliability of the modified program by comparing its results with information from published sources, a sensitivity study is performed to investigate the possible impact of HLFC on fuel usage. These results are discussed and evaluated, and some conclusions are given.

The necessary background for all applied calculations is provided in the form of basic explanations at the beginning of this report.