Direct Operating Costs of Aircraft Fuel Systems

Verfasser: Markus Rehsöft
Abgabedatum: 02.06.2004
Erster Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Scholz
Zweiter Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Seibel
Industrieller Betreuer: Phil Bradshaw, MEng
Airbus UK Limited



It is getting more and more important for an aircraft manufacturer to recognize the operatorsí profit to achieve good products. As part of the Cost Efficient Aircraft studies in Airbus, this thesis will investigate the causes of Direct Operating Costs due to a Fuel System. The Fuel System Architecture of a Long Range Aircraft with two engines has been used, to represent an example of the components needed to achieve the main functions required from a Fuel System.

System specific parameters such as price, weight, maintenance costs and power consumption have been used to evaluate the operating costs in accordance with DOCsys, a method to estimate Direct Operating Costs of aircraft systems.

The risk analysis tool DecisionPro(TM) has been used to evaluate the impact of uncertain input data on the system Direct Operating Cost, using the Monte Carlo Simulation function available.

Direct Operating Cost breakdowns were produced using DOCsys in DecisionPro(TM), down to component level. This emphasized, which costs or components are the main drivers of Direct Operating Costs of a Fuel System and could be used to focus future efforts to reduce such costs.