Computer Based Learning in Aircraft Design A Case Study with HTML and JavaScript

Verfasser: Thomas Perthel
Abgabedatum: 08.01.2000
Erster Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Scholz
Zweiter Prüfer: Prof. Dr. Bräunling
Externer Betreuer: Dr. Cooper
Queen's University Belfast, QUB

Diplomarbeit nach 21 der Prüfungsordnung.

Kurzreferat / Abstract

This document will inform about the programming of a computer based learning course module with the topic preliminary sizing in aircraft design. The module covers the subjects landing, takeoff, second segment climb and missed approach climb requirements. The whole course is based on the Internet document type HyperText Markup Language, its additional programming language JavaScript and the design property Cascading Style Sheets. Portrayed are special features of dynamic HTML, most important features of the JavaScript program and possibilities of corporate design with Cascading Style Sheets. The connections between them and HTML will be described; pros and cons are presented. Especially the features to compose a document more interactively, user-specialized and dynamic are described in detail and recommendations for a learning course are given. The latest documentation of JavaScript published by the Netscape Communications Corporation and its counterpart JScript published by the Microsoft Corporation were used. Further, parts of the newer HTML 4.0 recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium are described, which sets important standards in the growing business 'Internet'. The clear explanations of the JavaScript source code are presented with the programmed learning course, like the calculation of parameters in the sizing process of an aircraft. For example, one of the topics is the query of values given by the user via text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons and the control of its validity. Further, the storage - possibility with the cookie function is explained; usage and facts about its security are presented. The described multimedia course on a CD-ROM is attached to the printed thesis.