Development of a System for Signal Analysis and Location in the Aircraft

Author: Justin Müller



The aim of the overall project is to develop a device that is able to do an automatic location of components inside an aircraft cabin. This requires at least three measuring points. In this project work, an electronic system for range measuring only was developed. For the range detection, ultrasonic transducers were deployed, where the varying traveling time of sound over range was utilized to measure a range. The system consists of two devices: one to monitor and control measures, and one that answers the ultrasonic pulse from the first device. The work includes the circuit design, electronic board design, manufacturing, firmware programming and testing of the devices. The development, design and manufacturing were accomplished at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, mostly in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The testing was done in the Maintenance Technologies Test Center (MTTC) at Airbus in Hamburg/Finkenwerder. The system satisfies its development objective by reaching an operating distance of 6.5 meters. The accuracy of measurement at this range is about +/- 5 cm, which is not precise enough to do an exact locating within the inch-grid, where most of cabin interior parts are attached to. At smaller ranges, the accuracy is within 1 cm.