Preliminary Sizing of Propeller and Jet Aircraft - Extension of PreSTo and Combination with CEASIOM

Author: Marcin Lenarczyk



This report introduces the process of improving and extending the HAW Hamburg’s MS-Excel-based Aircraft Preliminary Sizing Tool PreSTo. The process of the combination of two previously developed preliminary sizing modules of PreSTo is presented. All aspects of the combination like layout, macros, application of the "look and feel" philosophy are described and discussed in detail. Within the scope of the project an interface to CEASIOM was set up. The report presents the new "CEASIOM input file" module and describes all already developed features of the module. Finally, the workflow of the ATR 72-600 preliminary sizing process within PreSTo with focus on the jet version of the aircraft is presented. The results of the re-design process are discussed. The determined results like masses, wing area and engine take-off thrust are of good accuracy.